The Heretic: Morgan (VFX Character) package for Unity

Jun 16, 2020 at 10:00 am by nemirc

The Heretic: Morgan (VFX Character) package for Unity

Previously, I covered "The Heretic: Digital Human" free package for Unity, a package featuring an extremely realistic human character from "The Heretic" short film. Unity has also released Morgan, the VFX demon-like character from the same short film. You can get Morgan from the Asset Store.

There's something I should mention first. The Unity blog page states the minimum requirements are a 6th generation Intel Core i7, a GeForce 1080 and 4 Gb of RAM (I will assume that means "free" RAM because Windows alone takes more than half of that). While my system is a decent one, it's somewhat dated since it's a 4th generation i7 with a GTX 970, I am inclined to think Morgan is a somewhat resource hungry character. The scene runs at around 15 fps on my system (which is understandable since I have a dated video card), but making the editor run very slow is a whole new level. While I don't make high-end scenes in Unity as part of my normal work, I think this is the first time the editor becomes so slow to use. That aside, let's take a look at the package.

The package is composed of a character mesh and a lot of particle effects created with the Unity VFX Graph. The character body can morph between a man and a woman, and it also has a helmet that morphs into different shapes.

There are 18 VFX Graph assets in total, and they are used depending on Morgan's state. For example, calm, angry, fire (and they are separate for body and head, and sometimes even for eyes). These VFX Graphs are very big and complex, but they can be a very good learning resource if you are familiar with that Unity module.

From the prefab in the Hierarchy you can control the body shape, the morph effect shape, and the fire and crumbling effects.  
One thing I would have liked is better instructions to work with the demo scene. Instructions could also be helpful if users want to reproduce the effect, or parts of the effect, on their own. On the other hand, those who have enough time, and are familiar with the VFX Graph, can still take advantage of this package.

While the project is very complex and can take a while to figure out, I see this package can be more useful to Unity users than the Digital Human package (if you see my coverage of that package, you will know why), because this is something that can actually be reproduced with the tools users (working on higher-end games) will have at their disposal. Technically you only need Unity, a painting software and a 3D application for this, and everything else is done directly within Unity. Those working on high-end games or simulations in Unity who want to learn more about VFX Graph (or even implement something like Morgan in their projects) should take a look at this package.

The Heretic Morgan (VFX Character) package:

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