Join the Real-Time Ray-Tracing Summit

Jun 12, 2020 at 01:44 pm by Press Release

Real-time ray tracing technology is set to be an industry game-changer. The ability to create new digital worlds with the lighting, reflections and shadows that we see in our analog world, is changing how we interact with immersive entertainment.  

Join M2 Insights, on June 17, for the “Real-Time Ray Tracing Summit”.  The virtual one-day event features speakers from Nvidia, Adobe, Silicon Arts, Adshir, The Forge Interactive, Chaos Group, and Khronos, who will shed light on important aspects of real-time ray tracing from the development of the game to consumer engagement.  

Topics will address:  

  •  What is the advantage to implementing real-time in my game?
  •  What must we consider to implement real-time?
  •  In what game scenarios will real-time improve our game experience?
  •  What art/design/developer skills are recommended to implement real-time?   

This is a free event for developers. Registration details are available here


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