Anya Radzevych - The Winding Path of Art and Design

Apr 10, 2020 at 12:49 pm by -gToon

Anya contacted us recently after she discovered Renderosity. “Renderosity is my go to sourch for tips and learning”, she told us. She also likes the artworks and the community. Anya modestly asked if we would be interested in featuring her work. It only took us five minutes of looking through her beautiful website and her awesome Instagram posts to see she was not only a pro but very, very talented. A resounding, “Yes!”, went out to Anya and the result is a short interview with Anya and a video gallery featuring hand-picked works by Anya herself.

Interview with Anya Radzevych

Who are you and what is your background as an artist?

Hi, I’m Anya. I had quite a winding path in art and design. I started by studying art history in my hometown of Kyiv, Ukraine. As a student, I was turning all my academic papers into opportunities to travel and experience the original artworks in person. Forty countries and countless art fairs and museums later, I realized that exhibition design is what truly fascinates me - the thoughts and skills that go into crafting a viewing experience.

Following my newly discovered fascination, I went on to study exhibition design in London’s Central Saint Martins and afterward moved to Los Angeles to work on my skills in interior and industrial design at ArtCenter College of Design and get professional experience. Being in Los Angeles - a capital of Entertainment design - influenced me to pick up interest in character and environment design for video games.

Now I work between Entertainment and Industrial design. I’m always taking opportunities to imagine future scenarios and innovate. I was very fortunate to design the future of the third place at Starbucks, envision the future of play for Adidas, design the future of workspace at Haworth and imagine the future of travel at Royal Caribbean Cruises.

That's How I Work

What are the tools you use to create with?

I love 3D modeling and use software like Zbrush, Modo, Unreal Engine, and Rhino a lot. My recent new favorite is Blender.

What do you want to accomplish when you create something?

I’d love to think that I have a very pragmatic view of what design should be. Design is about problem-solving. Problems, however, can range from very practical (e.g how can we reduce the polygon count of a model) to quiet philosophical ones (e.g. how can we convey the feeling of uncertainty and mystery in the environment). My goal as a designer and an artist is to develop a style that will be ubiquitous and versatile to solve any design challenge and adjust to a wide variety of aesthetics.

Weaponry Architecture

Who are the artists who have influenced you?

Many graduates from my school, ArtCenter College of Design, are the starts of Industrial and Entertainment design industry. Syd Mead, Drew Struzan, Yves Behar, Tarsem Singh, Zach Snider, James Gurney, Feng Zhu, Bob Gurr - following their path and their curriculum, literally, made me understand their artistic process better and pick up subtleties of their design solutions. I revisit their work and learn from them endlessly.

What are your hopes for the future as an artist?

I’d love to see my designs being mass manufactured and enjoyed by many people as toys or elements of themed environments.

Quick Sketches on the Go

Be sure to visit Anya’s personal website and her active Instagram page.



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