Attend the Online 2020 NVIDIA GTC Digital Conference for Free!

Mar 29, 2020 at 06:30 am by -gToon

For the last several years, I’ve attended NVIDIA’s Graphics Technology Conference (GTC) in San Jose, CA. It is one of my favorite events because NVIDIA spares no effort to bring people together to share and present the latest news in graphics, artificial intelligence and deep learning.

This year, faced with a state-wide shut down due to the Coronavirus pandemic, NVIDIA had to scramble to come up with another way to produce the conference. Obviously, a virtual conference is the best option, but it takes a huge effort to set up such an event. The challenge is especially great sense NVIDIA was already well into the live conference. Suddenly, the company has to turn on a dime and create a secure conference that while being online still manages to achieve its goals.

It’s a testament to the resources and staff at NVIDIA that they were able to create the 2020 NVIDIA Digital GTC conference which started on March 24 and will continue online through April 10, 2020. Best of all the event is free!
All you have to do is register. Here is the link:

NVIDIA GTC Digital Registration

Don’t be confused at the Registration page. There are paid events (Live Online Workshops), but the bulk of the conference is free. And the schedule is almost as deep as their past live conferences. You can enter your interests on the schedule page and the site will show you what events are taking place that fits them.

Best of all is the fact that almost all of the scheduled events are archived and available for screening. So if you find something you like, but it has already happened, NVIDIA will make the presentation available for you to watch. Usually the archived video appears within 24 hours. And the quality and ease of screening the video is perfect! Note that some sessions won’t have video, but a pdf will be available that covers the subject presented.



Keep in mind that the bulk of the sessions at GTC Digital are technical in nature and for specialists. However, there are still a lot of fascinating sessions you can view that are geared towards the generalist. I watched an excellent presentation on the future of the Arnold renderer that really got me excited. Subjects like VR, Graphics and Rendering and Animation/VFX are good choices to explore.

Honestly, I’m disappointed that the GTC conference isn’t taking place physically, but I can’t imagine a better alternative. I highly recommend registering and going through their huge schedule to find presentations that appeal to you.

And, thank you, NVIDIA for putting the conference together so quickly and making it free!


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