Free Online Background Generator Review

Mar 18, 2020 at 10:00 am by Barbara Din

Free Online Background Generator Review

Today I’m having a look at, a new free online image creating tool, Background Generator, which is a free online background maker that generates random background images by offering 7 background generator programs and algorithms. Background Generator enables users to create background images for computer wallpapers, graphic designs, blog and article illustrations, commercials and ads, posters and any purpose.

This is a simple website in terms of looks with several parameters to choose from. The first thing to mention is that on the top you can select one of many languages to make the experience easier.

Under the language selection bar, there is the style selection menu, in which you can choose from 7 different overall styles, each of which offer several options to create countless variations.

All of them let you pick from several preset sizes, from typical screens to banner and phone ratios, or enter a custom size, and save in either jpg or png formats, and choose from opaque or transparent backgrounds. Also, you can select random or customized colors to form the images.

It’s easy enough to play with the parameters each style offers and click the big “generate” button to see the changes. You can keep clicking “generate” until you land on an image you like, or you can keep tweaking the parameters if you’re looking for something more specific.

Also, you can add text with some options for fonts and styles. I don’t particularly care for that (I’d add my own text later, if I had to), but I can see the convenience if one’s in a rush, not to have to open the image in another program, etc. I think it’s good enough for such situations.

The styles are nice and trendy and will make you beautiful and useful backgrounds very quickly. The only thing I miss is the possibility to randomize the parameters if wanted. Other than that, I find it a simple, yet solid and varied tool to use in any situation in which you need a background fast.

I want to stress that this does not replace good design.

At all.

But when you’re in a hurry and what you need is not a serious, careful design, be it a social media post or a quick video intro background, this is a nice site to have in your bookmarks.

And, best of all, it’s free!

Go to Background Generator 

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