Reallusion's 2020 Character Creator Roadmap

Mar 09, 2020 at 05:00 am by -gToon

 It has been one and a half years since the launch of Character Creator 3 (CC3), and we hope that you've had a great time creating characters with it.

Last year saw the release of Digital Human ShaderHeadshot plug-in and some other substantial enhancements for CC3; And we are excited to disclose that more fantastic features and products will be coming your way this year!

In order to make Character Creator a solid universal character platform, we will keep strengthening its utilities around digital human creation, content management, and pipeline process to 3rd party tools
The following is a line-up of feature updates scheduled for 2020:
  • CC Digital Human: HD skin and makeup generation, new character base, facial hair, dynamic wrinkle system, and more.
  • Pipeline to 3rd Party Tool 
  • Smart Gallery - An Intelligent Way to Manage Your Assets

We wish to use the following post to share the roadmap ahead along with relevant technical breakthroughs. Some new features may require the purchase of additional content and plugins. For sales-related inquiries, please wait for further notices from Reallusion.
CC Digital Human

HD Skin & Makeup Generation (CC v3.3)

Skin Generator coverage won't just be limited to the face.  It will also become available for the entire human body including the scalp, neck, fingers, and toes.


New Character Base: CC3 Base+ (CC v3.3)

In order to support the enhanced realism of Digital Human assets, we have made improvements to the character's mesh, UV, and skeletal rig.  In the process, we have also made the body mesh easier to sculpt on with tools like ZBrush.
Eyes now come with additional meshes for the tear line and occlusion overlay.  These meshes can be turned on and off, deleted and recreated at any time.


Evenly-distributed quad face and perfect edge-loops allow for smooth deformations during animation.  Sculptors can also rejoice, as the mesh is easier to subdivide and smooth without defects.



Head UV now includes areas of the neck which helps to maintain head to neck texture continuity which will also benefit the upcoming dynamic wrinkle system.

High details for the nose, lips, hands, etc.


More details on the Reallusion Roadmap:

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