How To Amplify Your Online Business With 3D Art

Feb 05, 2020 at 11:17 am by Submitted

Digital imagery is a significant component of a marketing campaign. It helps businesses to get past the typical text-style format and communicate their ideas, products, feelings, and brand image in picture-form which makes it easier for viewers (and customers) to understand the message.

Today, we're taking a look at how you can use 3D applications like Sketchfab to amplify your business.

Bring Your Product Ideas To Life

You have a fabulous idea for a product but are not quite ready to put it into action. 3D applications will let you bring your idea to life - digitally anyway! Design your products and alter specifications to hone in on how you want your final product to look. Change the color, style, shape, and features to get a clear picture of your idea without needing to create a physical prototype.

Using Sketchfab you can show off your breathtaking designs to potential investors and customers. Gather information to estimate how much interest your product will receive if/when you decide to make the real thing. You can also use the designs to request feedback and ideas for improvement so it completely appeals to your target customers.

Entice Customers On Your eCommerce Store

Sometimes, you may be selling multiple versions of the same product. For example, a beautiful leather chair may be available in lots of different colors. With 3D applications, you can eliminate the pain of adding different photographs for different colors. Your customers can simply click on the desired color and it will automatically change on the product image.

This is a useful feature for businesses that sell bespoke or made-to-order products. It gives customers a clear visual representation of what the product will look like before purchasing.

Increase Advert Engagement

Let's face it, plain text ads are boring. "People process imagery 60,000 times quicker than they do text", according to Mike Gingerich, a media specialist.  Moreover, they typically remember 80% of what they see and do, compared with just 20% of what they read! That is a significant difference. From these stats, we can understand that without interesting imagery, your ads are highly unlikely to reach their maximum potential.

3D ads are more compelling, interesting, informative, and visually appealing than the text alternative. It stands to reason that a memorable ad that generates more interest and engagement, will naturally generate more sales and revenue.

Make the most of your advertising budget with 3D art. Proudly showcase your products and present them to your audience from all angles. People like to see a whole picture of what they're purchasing beforehand. 3D art will meet this desire and give a 360-degree view of your products.

A picture speaks a thousand words - it's an old cliche but it's not wrong. Your picture will describe your product in far more detail than words ever could.


sketchfab content page


Embed Your Images Into Your Website

Your website is your pride and joy. You've worked really hard on getting just right. But, it's missing something; some unique and fantastic images. With the likes of Sketchfab, you can easily embed your image creations into your site's code; the more original and creative, the better!

Just make sure your website doesn't slow down as a result! You can avoid slow-loading pages by choosing a good server to host your site, like VPS. Once that's all set-up, embed your pictures into your site and give your audience some visual stimulation. Use static or moving images, or combine both. A fun website is a memorable one!

The Bottom Line

Digital images are crucial for businesses and their marketing campaigns. They are necessary for optimum engagement and interest. Use 3D art to make your business stand out from your competitors and ensure your audience remembers you. Don't blend into the background. Unleash your creativity and offer something truly original; your own creations.


Note: Jessica Henderson, the author of this post, is a freelance media journalist. 





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