Blender for C4D Artists: Working with Cameras in Blender 2.8x

Feb 04, 2020 at 05:15 am by -gToon

Blender for C4D Artists - 01_01 Working with Cameras in Blender 2.8x

from Helge Maus / pixeltrain on Vimeo.

In this tutorial you will learn how to create and manage Blender Cameras, Align Views, how to move Cameras effectively, how to switch Cameras in Animation, using Guides and Third Grids and also the Camera Widgets for DOF Setups and Focal Length. Also, you will learn the most important keyboard shortcuts.

This tutorial series "Blender for Cinema 4D Artists" is aiming to help you to get up to production speed in Blender 2.8x. Learning a new 3D application means understanding the paradigms, getting a working knowledge of tools and workflows and, most importantly - building up muscle memory for standard tasks.

Helge Maus, a former MAXON Certified Lead Instructor, teaches 3D- & VFX Applications for 20 years. His focus lies on VFX, but he also works with many studios and agencies from different visualization areas.

In his training, he understands at which issues artists from other 3d applications normally struggle. So, this series tries to be an answer to that, to help YOU to get the best Blender experience.


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