Thoughts on the Maxon and Red Giant Merger?

Dec 30, 2019 at 10:00 am by nickcharles

As you may have already heard, Maxon, makers of Cinema 4D, and Red Giant, makers of filmmaking tools and plug-ins, are merging. At first, I must say I was a bit shocked. But, after a bit of thought it really makes sense.

First off, both Maxon and Red Giant are known for quality products. In my experience, they both really listen to their customers, provide excellent tools and customer support, and their products really are top-notch. And, it's not really out of the realm, this merger. Both Cinema 4D and the Red Giant tools are widely employed in modern motion design projects.

Cinema 4D's MoGraph tools are incredible, and Red Giant's plug-ins, like Trapcode Suite and VFX Suite, are equally impressive. These are professional go-tos. But, what does this mean for the consumer? How will product pricing be affected? Will Red Giant products now be subscription only?

For my part, I find the subscription model okay in some instances. Like in cases where you regularly use a good majority of the tools and need regular updates, subscription can be a really good deal. Although, I'd much rather see companies offer the option to choose a subscription or to buy outright.

So, what are your thoughts on this merger? Do you use products from either of these companies? And what do you think about the subscription model? Let us know in comments!

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