Foundry Releases Mari 4.6

Nov 14, 2019 at 08:00 am by Press Release

Discover Mari 4.6, shipping with updates to our Materials System thanks to all-new Geo-Channels. Plus we’ve introduced new Vendor Shaders, reducing the need for round-tripping and allowing artists to get closer approximations for their renders in Mari.


Mari 4.6’s new Geo-Channels seamlessly integrate into the Materials system, allowing for material looks to be driven by mesh maps, like Curvature and Ambient Occlusion.

Node Graph

Take advantage of Mari’s incredibly powerful Node Graph for material designing, now shipping with an improved user experience.

New Procedural Nodes

Explore a variety of new procedural patterns and filters in Mari 4.6, enabling you to create more complex, non-destructive node networks inside Materials and your projects.

Streamlined Look Development

Mari 4.6 brings two new rendor vendor contributed approximation shaders from the teams at 3Delight and VRay. With Mari’s shaders, the need to round-trip between Mari and Katana, and other DCC programs is reduced, and artists can paint with more confidence, knowing their art will look correct in the final render.

Material System Improvements

Mari 4.6 offers customizable Material file icons and improvements to the Material Ingestion Tool, allowing for more artist customization and extensive automation of the Material creation process.


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