Looking Glass reveals the world's largest and highest resolution holographic display

Nov 12, 2019 at 12:00 pm by Press Release

Looking Glass

For enterprises that have been waiting decades for a large-format, group-viewable holographic solution that doesn't require the friction of VR or AR headsets, the Looking Glass 8K Immersive Display has finally arrived.

At four times the scale of anything else on the market, the Looking Glass 8K measures in at 32" with holographic depth measured in feet rather than in the inches of everything that's come before. The Looking Glass 8K will be available worldwide, with the first public demonstration at the Digital Content Expo in Japan (Nov 13-15) in Booth D207. Pre-orders are being accepted globally with shipments starting Spring 2020. 

This breakthrough system, powered by Looking Glass Factory's proprietary 45-element light field technology, is a true holographic window into another world that can be experienced by groups of up to a dozen people.

The Looking Glass 8K delivers an unparalleled 33.2 million pixels with over a billion-count color gamut at 60 Hz, making it not only the largest holographic display in the market today but also the highest fidelity. 

The Looking Glass 8K operates on optical principles and a software platform that doesn't require any head-tracking or VR or AR headsets, making it ideal for companies that want to collaboratively view or interact with 3D images in the areas of retail, mapping/GIS, medical imaging, and entertainment.

The Looking Glass 8K's hardware and software have been developed by a team of industry-leading optics experts, electrical engineers, and software developers in Brooklyn-based company Looking Glass Factory, the market leaders in holographic light field displays.

Having sold thousands of Looking Glass developer kits over the past year, the company created the Looking Glass 8K to meet the needs of enterprises who were looking for a deeply visceral, genuinely three-dimensional collaborative experience.   

Industry Testimonials

Greg Castle, the first investor in Oculus and Managing Partner at Anorak Ventures, said about the Looking Glass 8K: "[the] most mind-blowing thing I've seen since I first tried the Oculus prototype." 

Medical Imaging

The Looking Glass 8K is becoming a critical tool for partners in the medical imaging field, like Dr. Yuh Z. Lee, Associate Professor of Radiology at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. "Understanding anatomic structures in three dimensions is critical for multiple aspects of high-quality patient care, including teaching trainees, educating patients, and procedure planning," says Dr. Lee. "The Looking Glass enables us to see and discuss anatomy in three dimensions collaboratively, without the need for cumbersome goggles or glasses." Doctors, patients, researchers, and medical students regularly comb through extremely complex 3D data using a flat computer screen that can't fully represent three-dimensional data sets, leading to critical errors in understanding. The Looking Glass 8K changes that. 

"GE Healthcare's customers, both hospitals and the patients they care for, daily ask the question 'what does that x-ray/CT/MRI/ultrasound tell us?'" said GM of Additive Manufacturing at GE Healthcare, R. Scott Rader. "Presenting anatomy and disease pathology in 3D on 2D screens happens every day, but being able to share 3D lightfield imagery with a Looking Glass to a clinical care team, residents/fellows, patients, and other allied health care workers is one exciting potential solution to translating seeing to knowing, fast."


Likewise, for decades topographical datasets have been trapped to the confines of a two-dimensional screen or stereoscopic head-mounted displays for one person. This is all changing now with the Looking Glass 8K. "What could be cooler than a live 3D model of your construction project, displayed on a table in your HQ, showing progress in real time?" asks Chris Anderson, CEO of drone company 3D Robotics. "It's like the magic globe from Wizard of Oz but real, thanks to drones, crane-cams, and [the] Looking Glass." Abhishek Tripathi, Head of 3D Terrain at mapping platform Mapbox was quick to conclude that "3D maps on the Looking Glass [8K] display are immediately more engaging, immersive and collaborative. Quite simply it blew my mind."


Early entertainment customers of the Looking Glass include Intel® Studios, who are already starting to use Looking Glass displays to showcase high-quality volumetric captures to audiences around the world. Dave Smiddy, Head of Product at Intel® Studios says of the Looking Glass, "Looking Glass makes volumetric video content social and accessible. With the Looking Glass SDK we quickly bring volumetric video and immersive experiences to life." In recent exhibitions, Looking Glasses were used to display Runnin', the world's first cross-platform interactive holographic music video starring Reggie Watts. 

Pricing & Availability of the Looking Glass 8K

Demonstration units of the Looking Glass 8K are being hosted in Brooklyn, Hong Kong, San Francisco, and Tokyo with viewings by appointment only. The first advanced beta run of the Looking Glass 8K displays have sold out, but pre-orders are being accepted now for the next production batch with orders shipping in the order they are received starting Spring 2020. Enterprises interested in pricing for the Looking Glass 8K should contact future@lookingglassfactory.com.  

Learn more about the Looking Glass 8K Immersive Display and arrange to see one for yourself at http://look.glass/8k.

About Looking Glass Factory

Looking Glass Factory Inc, with headquarters in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and additional operations in Hong Kong, is the global leader in the field of group-viewable holographic interfaces with the launch of their flagship product line, The Looking Glass. This unique combination of advanced hardware and software is based on the company's patented light field technology and in 2019 became the most widely-adopted holographic display in history. Today, the company serves the holographic needs of both developers and enterprises and is committed to building the headset-free hologram-powered future we were all promised in science fiction growing up.

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