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Oct 07, 2019 at 10:00 am by nemirc

Clipchamp is an online video-editing application aimed to make it easy to produce video, be it for blogs, social media, promos, or pretty much anything you want.

The easiest way to describe it for me is to say “iMovie for browsers” (a comparison that may not resonate with Windows-only users), because it feels like using iMovie, albeit on a web browser. I have to clarify I don’t see it as a bad comparison, since iMovie can help you make really nice-looking videos even if you are not a video editing expert.

When you first open Clipchamp, you are greeted with a splash screen that lets you start a project from scratch, or start a project using a template. I am writing this in early October, so I was shown a few Halloween templates and some October-themed templates as well.

I decided to use a template, and then I was sent to the editing screen, which looks very similar to iMovie.

You can add video and audio tracks, and also layer them on top of each other (although you can’t change the opacity, meaning you can’t put a semi-transparent clip on top of another clip). Changing the duration of a clip (with side handles on each clip) is also supported, as well as trimming the clip so you only use the parts you need.

In the interface you can also create text titles for overlays or intros. These text titles are masked, so your text will appear on top of the clips. Clicking an added text brings up the Motion Title Fields window where you can change the text size, font and color.

If you are using Clipchamp to create clips for your brand (for social media, for example), it will be a good idea to use a logo for branding. There’s a section on the interface that lets you do just that. Then, you add the logo on top of your video.

The app gives you access to a library of clips to choose from, categorized by themes, and also music tracks and sound effects. That is a good thing since it gives you more options for your creations.

Even with a collection of stock audiovisual content at your disposal, sometimes you need to use your own footage. Fortunately, you can also upload your own footage to Clipchamp. Using your footage is similar to using any footage from the stock collection. You can also add different effects to your footage.

You can also use static images on your videos, and you can also add filters to them. You can only add one filter to videos or images, though.

If all of this was not enough for a “digital video for the masses” application, you can also record video using your webcam. When I tried this, the webcam on my desktop was not recognized (I am using a PS3 Eye camera, and I assume it was a problem with Google Chrome). However, when I tried Clipchamp on my Mac, it worked perfectly.

When you are done, you just need to click the “Export video” button and you are done. Videos are exported and you have the option to download them or save them to your Google Drive. Also, the resulting video quality is very good.

Clipchamp is one of those tools that is going to be very useful to small business owners (or even self-employed people) who need to create video content for different purposes, but can’t afford to spend time learning to use a powerful editing application, or can’t afford to pay someone else to produce all the content they need.

If that sounds like you, know that the service is a subscription service that comes in different tiers. There’s a free subscription that lets you use the basic functionality, and then there are paid subscriptions at $9/month, $19/month or $39/month, with different extra benefits, so you should take a look at them and see which one fits your needs.

Clipchamp: https://clipchamp.com/

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