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Sep 18, 2019 at 10:00 am by nemirc


LandscapePro is a software aimed to digital photographers, or hobbyists, that will help you retouch pictures of landscapes and cityscapes. LandscapePro is made by Anthropics, the same company that also develops PortraitPro.

LandscapePro is a very intuitive and easy to use tool. After you import your image, the first step is to “tag” parts of the image to let the software know what is what. For example, you drag the “sky” tag onto the sky, the “water” tag onto a river or lake, or the “grass” tag onto a field of grass. There are tags for different things, so you could say pretty much any kind of element you will find on any landscape photograph is covered.

After you tag your image elements, the software will create a mask to separate the different elements of your image. You can then use different tools to tweak the mask, since the automatic masking tool might not yield optimal results. These tools include a smart brush, mask feather, masking trees or objects in front of the sky, and water reflections.

When you are done with masking, you can move on to modify the image. Just like with PortraitPro, there are some basic presets you can pick from, that will either serve as a good start, or a definitive look for your image if you just want a quick edit. However, you can always modify parts of your image manually.

One thing you can do is replace the sky with a different one from a drop-down list, and tweak the coloring and exposure of the sky. Obviously, if your image has a body of water you’d also need to change the water color and sky reflection. Another thing you can do is add atmospheric elements to the image, like light rays, snow, fog or rain.

Tweaking other elements is based on the tags you made. For example, if you tag part of your image as water, you are given the option to tweak the water element, but if you didn’t tag any part as water, you won’t have a water modification option.

I think this is a good thing because it means the software will only show you the settings you actually need, rather than giving you access to a bunch of settings that won’t be used for the image you are trying to modify.

The software also lets you add depth of field to your image, allowing you to get some interesting results. For example, you may know that using DOF on your image can make your landscape look like a miniature, which could be an interesting touch.

Lastly, you can also change the tone of the image (for example, if you want to make it monochromatic, or add a sepia tone), and also add some vignette effect to the edges of the image.

LandscapePro is a very powerful and yet simple to use tool to modify and tweak your landscape and cityscape photos. The software comes in three different editions, Standard ($39.95), Studio ($59.95) and Max ($119.95). You can see the differences between the editions on their website. If you are into landscape photography, you should give LandscapePro a look.

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