Poser: New release will include 8 gigs of new content

Sep 16, 2019 at 12:29 pm by SchelleFire

La Femme Huntress by Glitterati3D

Poser Pro 11.2 update will be released Thursday, Sept. 19 with eight gigs of new content for all users and a new license management system for versions above Poser 10, Poser parent company Bondware announced.

The update must be downloaded from PoserSoftware.com/downloads.

Poser Pro 11.2 is a "bridge" release. It does not contain epic new features, but rather bridges differences between the old Smith Micro version and the new Bondware version of Poser. This means things like license management, software distribution methods, branding, asset store search and so on, have been updated.

But the main reason for the update is the depreciation of Smith Micro's licensing system and implementation of Bondware's licensing management for versions above Poser 10 (Poser 2014 Game Dev, Poser 11, and Poser Pro 11).

If you do not update, your Poser may not work if you have a version above Poser 10 because the licensing system will not be able to complete the over-the-internet check needed to confirm your license key.

If you want your Poser to continue to work properly, you must update.

In addition to the licensing piece, we have improved the functionality of the asset search tool so you can add assets to your runtime directly from the program. And, yes, it really works.

Runtime searches will default to your personal libraries, but a simple click on the search icon and you can search Renderosity's catalog for 3D models.

It will also include numerous bug fixes, especially when the bugs are blocking future development goals. One of the fixes is a refactoring of the minimum basic runtime's file paths, which improved performance with an intuitive structure.

Additional content for Poser Pro 11.2

The most exciting development for both new and old users alike is the addition of around eight gigs of new content from the Renderosity Marketplace in the 11.2 update.

The new assets will allow new users to create with Poser Pro 11.2 out of the box and give old users some new models to play with, which includes new figures like La Femme, Maisie and HiveWire3D's Dawn, Dusk and Baby Luna.

The new La Femme figure will be the first thing Poser users see when they open Poser Pro 11.2. The "safe for work" version will come free with Poser while La Femme Pro, which is anatomically correct and compatible with HD morphs, can be purchased in the Renderosity Marketplace.

Maisie is a third-party toon figure developed by Nerd3D and Deecey, which like La Femme takes advantage of Poser 11's advanced features, including face control chips, animated joint centers, scaling zones, and complete weight mapping and bulge maps. Maisie is very expressive and fun to use.

And HiveWire's Dawn, Dusk and Baby Luna will be joining the stable of Poser figures. Additional Poser figures included with purchase are Alyson, Ben, Ben2, James, Jessi, Kate, Kate2, Paul, Paul2 Pauline, Pauline2, Rex, Roxie, Ryan, SimonG2 and SydneyG2.

HiveWire's Gorilla for Dusk and HiveWire Horse will also be included content, plus additional content will be added so you can get the most out of your renders.

Even more content will be available for download at PoserSoftware.com.

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