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Sep 10, 2019 at 02:08 pm by SchelleFire

Do you feel that? The hairs rising on the back of your neck because someone or something is watching your every move. What could be watching you with their ever-watching eyes?

We want you to tell us all the scare-worthy details about the creature feature that is watching you or one of your characters with their ever-watching eyes in this year's Halloween contest.

Enter now if you dare!

That's right. It's that time of the year again. Renderosity's annual Halloween contest.

We have five categories: 2D, 3D, Photography, Animation, and Writing. Find them all here.

The Categories

2019 2D Halloween Contest

Make your former classmates and teachers jealous by creating the scariest 2D artwork for this year's Halloween 2D contest. Enter now and become the Halloween artwork rock star you've always wanted to be!

Prizes will be awarded from Fox Render Farm, CartoonSmart, FXHome, Brash Monkey, Pixarra, Escape Motions, Desktop Paints, Renderosity Magazine, and Renderosity MarkmetPlace.

Enter here

2019 3D Halloween Contest

Set your creepy feeling free in this year's Halloween 3D contest. Show us what ever-watching eyes would look like in your 3D world. Enter now at your own risk!

Prizes will be awarded from Fox Render Farm, Strata, FXHome, Brash Monkey, Pixplant, Escape Motions, Desktop Paints, Renderosity Magazine, Renderosity, 3D Total, and RPublishing.

Enter here

2019 Photography Halloween Contest

We want to see what you have been watching or what ever-watching eyes have been watching you through your camera's viewfinder in this year's Halloween photography contest. Enter now while nobody is watching (but we know they are)!

Prizes will be awarded from JixiPix, FXHome, Brash Monkey, Escape Motions, Fixel Agorithms, Totally Rad!, Redfield Plugins, namesuppressed, Renderosity, and Renderosity Magazine.

Enter here

2019 Writers Halloween Contest

Give us your best and scariest short fiction. Any style of writing is accepted that comply with this years Halloween theme maximum of 1000 words or less. Must comply with Renderosity's Terms of Service.

Prizes will be awarded from The Novel Factory, Kotobee, Writeitnow, Mariner Software Inc., Brash Monkey, Renderosity Magazine, and Renderosity MarketPlace.

Enter here

2019 Animation Halloween Contest

We want you to make an animation from your imagination and all those creepy moments for this year's Halloween animation contest. Enter now and get scared later!

Prizes will be awarded from iPi Soft, CartoonSmart, FXHome, Brash Monkey, Desktop Paints, BlackSmith 3D, Renderosity Magazine and Marketplace, and RPublishing.

Enter here

The Details

All Renderosity members are eligible to enter with the exception of Contest Managers and Admins.

Submissions will be open through 10 a.m. (Server Time/CDT) Oct. 10. Entries MUST be time-stamped by at 9:58 a.m. (Server Time/CDT) Oct. 10, or they will not be accepted. Only one entry is allowed per person, per category.

We recommend not waiting until the end of the contest to upload your entry. It is common for upload and/or approval complications to arise. Please give yourself ample time to correct your entry, if need be.

Community voting will begin at 10 a.m. Oct. 10 (Server Time/CDT) and will close at 10 a.m. (Server Time/CDT) on Oct. 25th. Winners will be announced on Oct. 31.

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