Artist of the Week - BKE

Sep 06, 2019 at 03:15 am by -gToon

Our Artist of the Week is the talented artist BKE. Retired from a career as an auto-technician, BKE loves to recreate classic cars in 3D. He also loves the ladies who are often associated with auto racing and car culture. His work has a quirky sense of humor in addition to being bold and original. Here is his bio from

I spent my working life as a dealership specialty technician. When I was younger, I built drag cars and campaigned a stock car at a local track. Alas, the car and track are long gone. In my retirement, I have pursued the hobbies of rendering 3d artworks and overcoming cancer. My weird sense of humor has helped me through life's little obstacles. I render and post when I can. The rest of the time I lurk in the background and admire everybody else's artwork. Just because you don't hear from me doesn't mean I'm not around. Have a great and healthy life! 

If you'd like to see more of BKE's work check out his gallery which is a lot of fun. Our video below features 10 works from BKE's gallery. 


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