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Sep 08, 2019 at 04:30 pm by nemirc

Portrait photography is one of those activities where, in more or less degree, you end up doing some retouching and photo editing, be it for color correction, lighting correction, or removing skin imperfections. While you can do all of those changes manually, it is always a good thing to have extra help from your software package, specially if that help means you’ll be able to work faster.

PortraitPro is a portrait editing application aimed at making your life easier when it comes to do all those edits. PortraitPro is pitched as a retouching software that uses artificial intelligence to enhance every aspect of a portrait for beautiful results. How accurate is that? We’ll find out.

When you open the application, you are greeted with an empty UI and buttons to either open an image or a batch of images. After you open the image, the software will detect the face outlines and then ask if it’s the photo of a man, a woman, or a child, and then it will send you to the retouching AI. Just out of curiosity, I selected “man” on a woman’s photo, and then I applied a few of the enhance presets (more about this later), and the software as expected, the software ended up giving her a stronger jaw, and overall bone structure. Then, when I selected “child” face I noticed some of the presets were removed (although you can still manually sculpt the face using the built-in tools).

When you are in the retouching stage, the software generates outlines that detect different facial features (jaw, lips, eyes, etc.). Before anything else, you should manually adjust those outlines to get the best results, although the software does a pretty good job detecting them right off the bat.

Then, the next step is to use the sculpt tools (as hinted above) to enhance the look of the face. You have different categories that let you adjust the face shape, eye shape, nose, etc. Friendly reminder, since this is a retouching application, it’s not like Poser, where you can dramatically change the look of the face (like adding a very tiny nose or big eyes). For example, if you want to go from regular portrait to Alita Battle Angel levels of eye-size, maybe PortraitPro is not the way to go.

After you’re done retouching the face, you can move on to adjusting the skin. Here, you can do different things, like removing or reducing imperfections, shine, and overall smoothing the skin to make it look nicer. You can also adjust the lighting by moving a key light, simulating a real light falling onto the 3d face (while still in a 2d environment), adjusting shadows and even adjusting the skin color (do you want to look like a blue alien? Well, you can.).

A feature I found nice is the ability to add make up. If you opted to photograph your model without any makeup, you can add some makeup to the photo using the tools found in the application. You can add pretty much any kind of makeup, and you can select the makeup color using color selectors, meaning the possibilities are endless. Also, while you can adjust the color of your model’s eyes, you can also completely change the eye color to something different (say that your model has brow eyes, but you’d like him/her to have purple eyes, you can do it easily). Also, you can overlay contact lenses if that’s something you’d wish to do.

Another thing you can do is change the hair color. The software has a long list of presets to choose from, and you can easily go from blond hair to black hair with just a couple of clicks.

PortraitPro also allows you to create a background replacement. The software can automatically analyze the image to create a mask (that you can later adjust) and then replace the image’s background with any of the included background images, or even an image of your own.

As I hinted above, the software already includes presets that you can use to sculpt and enhance your portrait, add makeup, etc. These presets are found in different categories in the “Presets” tab. You can even gradually apply presets to your portrait, for example, start by applying a “Glamorous” preset, then adjust the face sculpt, then add makeup or a different eye and hair color, etc. Of course, if you want more dramatic changes (again, like going from blond hair to black hair), you’ll need to manually do it.

PortraitPro comes in three different versions, Standard, Studio and Max, and the price goes from $89.99 to $279.99 depending on the edition you choose. However, by the time of this writing, all versions were 50% off, meaning that you can get PortraitPro Standard for as low as $44.95. Please note that all editions work exactly the same, and the differences are related to Studio and Max being able to read RAW formats, working as a Photoshop plug-in with Smart Filter capability, or a full batch mode (Max only). This means you can get the Standard version and still get the full power of PortraitPro. If you are into portrait photography, and you’d like a software that will help you work faster, you should definitely give PortraitPro a look.


Get PortraitPro: https://www.anthropics.com/portraitpro/

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