New York City Sketchbook by Willy Hartland

Aug 16, 2019 at 10:30 am by -gToon

Sketchbook drawings come to life in this poetic expression of New York City. Working from observation in a form of visual journalism, this unusual hand-drawn animation attempts to document New Yorkers as they go about their daily lives in the Big Apple.

The director, Willy Hartland comments on this film at his website

In my art, most specifically my newest animation  "New York City Sketchbook," I explore the urban experience unfiltered, with all its beauty and it's blemishes. Working from my sketchbooks, in a form of visual journalism, the film attempts to document the challenges that NewYorkers face with their hopes and desires as they negotiate the urban matrix of the city itself.

There are layers and layers of people and places in the film, some opaque, while others we see right through. Most of the characters in the film were sketched from life, often in public places, but sometimes they are friends or lovers observed privately during moments of intimacy. In this regard, the film is personal and has as many layers of interpretation as there are layers of drawings within the film's structural compositions.


New York City Sketchbook from Willy Hartland on Vimeo.

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