6 Weeks with Character Creator 3 Pipeline: Week 2

Jun 04, 2019 at 04:10 pm by -gToon

6 Weeks with Character Creator 3 Pipeline

For a period of 6 weeks, I'll be learning and creating with Reallusion's Character Creator 3 Pipeline. I'll be starting out fresh, learning the basics and working on a few creative projects that I hope will expand my skills in CC3.

I will share my discoveries and mistakes along the way. Note that I'll be using the most current version of the program (as of May 30, 2019). Reallusion has kindly made the program available to me for this series. Direct download of the CC3 demo is at Reallusion.com.

Quote: There is no real replacement for manually modelling a character, specifically for a given project. However, if you go into it understanding that then its clear that Reallusion have done an excellent job with Character Creator. The interface is a real pleasure and creating a figure is hugely entertaining and productive

Rob Redman 3dtotal.com

Getting Started with CC3 Pipeline
Character Creator has the standard interface orientation that most modern 3D applications use: content in a panel on the left, the central window which shows your model and a modification panel on the right. Layouts can change when you access certain aspects of the program, but essentially it's a 3-part user interfaces. Of course, panels can be docked, etc. The color scheme is a nice dark grey and green which provides excellent contrast so you can see all of the controls, buttons and sliders easily.

Rather than take you through the basics myself, here is an excellent tutorial from Reallusion on their youtube channel on getting started. Reallusion is among the best 3D companies in their help/tutorial efforts. And they are up to date as well!



What is particularly impressive about CC3 Pipeline is their image-based lighting approach and the incredible ease in adding, modifying and working with your scene. With only one viewing of the tutorial above, I used the default character (Donna, I think) to add new clothing, add hair, adjust eye color and set an idle pose. I spent most of my time working with her face. CC3 allows you to adjust morphs either in the actual scene (via your mouse pointer) or using sliders on the right hand side of the screen. I'm more comfortable with sliders so that's what I used.

The range of possible adjustments to Donna's face are amazing. I changed her jaw a bit (made it larger), adjusted the size of her nose and cheeks, and made her mouth just a bit smaller. Then I chose the internal renderer (drop down at the top) and rendered out the scene. I do miss Poser's multi0render window where I can see my recent renders. Perhaps I'm just missing how to do this in CC3 Pipeline. I then rendered the scene using the Iray plug in and there is quite a difference as you can see below. I like the Iray version better, but it needs to be tweaked a bit. That's something I'll be studying for next week!



Note that Reallusion offers a generous 30 day demo of CC3 Pipeline. It has few limitations and is quite robust even for a demo. I recommend you follow the download link and work with the program with me over the next 6 weeks.

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