Polywink launches its first Flash Contest on the theme 'Fairy Tale'

May 14, 2019 at 12:00 pm by Press Release

Polywink Fairy Tale Flash Contest

POLYWINK announces its very first "Flash Contest" on a bewitching theme to prove that, thanks to its technology based on machine learning, Polywink is able to make any 3D model ready for animation in a few hours.

If you’re a 3D professional and you wish to be a part of Polywink’s journey, this might be your lucky day: entrants must only submit a still render of a 3D head, while winners of this contest will get access to different Polywink services, free of charge. The Polywink team will generate complete sets of blendshapes for the submitted model, turning a static character into an animation-ready or game-ready asset overnight!

• 1st place: Facial Rig on Demand (236 blendshapes) + $150 Polywink voucher
• 2nd place: Blendshapes on Demand (157 blendshapes) + $150 Polywink voucher
• 3rd place: Animation For iPhone X (52 ARKit blendshapes) + $150 Polywink voucher
• Honorable Mentions: $150 Polywink voucher

This challenge is called a “Flash Contest” due to the short amount of time contestants have to submit their entry to the jury. But it is not required to create a model for the sole purpose of this contest: anyone can submit models they have created for other purposes in the past, as long as they own full rights to said model. Deadline for entries is May 28 2019.

For more information about this contest, visit Polywink’s website.

About Polywink

Polywink is an online platform created to automate the most time-consuming and expensive aspects of facial animation. Thanks to our in-house procedural technology and through years of accumulated data powered by machine learning, we are able to complete in mere hours tasks such as automatic blendshapes generation or facial rigging solutions.


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