What's New is Adobe Character Animator

Apr 22, 2019 at 05:30 am by -gToon

I've been using Adobe Character Animator since it was in beta. This simple program allows me to animate 2D characters via my webcam. I use the resulting animation for my Renderosity "News of the Week" segment. I really enjoy using the program and am impressed with how the program has grown over the last year. 

Here is what's new in the latest April 2019, update (Version 2.1)

Improved puppet rigging experience

Get animating faster than ever with better puppet rigging, making it easier to apply behaviors, search through many layered puppet rigs, and tag puppets more quickly within your established workflows.


New jaw movement with Lip Sync and improved Nutcracker Jaw

Now a character’s jaw can automatically move in conjunction with their lip-synched, editable mouth visemes, for additional impact. You can also compute Nutcracker Jaw movement from scene audio.


New Example Puppets

Get started using Character Animator with two new in-app example puppets, which you can use as-is or as a foundation for your own designs


Character trigger extension for Twitch

Now people using Character Animator to stream on Twitch can offer their viewers unique ways to interact with them, and further monetize the stream, through Character Trigger.


Improved Lip Sync

Sensei has learned to produce better quality automatic lip sync, reducing the impact of noisy audio.



Improvements to Characterizer

Improvements to Characterizer, including faster user interaction, three new styles, and better-looking results.


For more information about Adobe Character Creator, please visit the main Character Animator webpage: https://www.adobe.com/products/character-animator.html

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