Gallery: Sunrise Serenity by Maddelirium

Apr 13, 2019 at 10:45 am by -gToon

Maddelirum is one of Renderosity's best artists. Their work is always detailed and imaginative. And, most importantly, you belive you are looking a real world created by the artist. Lighting, framing and color are so well done in Maddelirium's work.

For example, Sunrise Serenity is such a beautiful scene that you don't initially notice how well done the framing and colors are. Not to mention the incredible pose and clothing on the figure.

As I always point out in works I post to the Art Gallery, this is a scene what makes the viewer ask questions. What is the main figure doing? Is she waiting for someone or thinking of someone she misses? This is the mark of a skilled artist; to bring the viewer into the scene and have them use their imagination. 

Please visit Maddelirium's gallery at Renderosity. There are so many great works there. 

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