Polywink announces a new iPhone X app for live facial animation in Unity

Jan 24, 2019 at 12:30 pm by Press Release


Polywink has released a new automatic plug & play solution to use the Unity ARKit Remote for live, high quality facial animation using the iPhone X, the French company announced.

This solution aims at delivering Polywink’s 52 automatically generated ARKit blendshapes for any 3D model, directly integrated in a Unity project in order to use the iPhone X as an intuitive facial animation tool.

“Animation for iPhone X - Option Unity” is a plug-&-play service which outputs a Unity project already set-up with the user’s character, packed with all ARKit shapes as well as an iPhone X app to record facial animation in real-time. With this option, users can skip the hassle of creating their own blendshapes, setting up and adjusting their character in Unity, and building their own face capture app with Xcode.

This solution brings a whole new animation pipeline for animating 3D characters. It works for any morphology, from scanned heads to cartoonish characters, preserving the user's topology. The user simply needs to upload a 3D model on the Polywink platform to receive a ready to use Unity project and an iPhone X app within 24H.

A full overview is also available on Polywink’s website to present everything there is to know about creating facial animation in Unity with the iPhone X. It contains a step-by-step tutorial to setup and use the Unity ARKit Remote as well as free resources. 

About Polywink

Polywink is an online platform created to automate the most time-consuming and expensive aspects of facial animation. Thanks to our in-house procedural technology and through years of accumulated data powered by machine learning, we are able to complete in mere hours tasks such as automatic blendshapes generation or facial rigging solutions.

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