Art Gallery: Visitation by beachsidelegs

Jan 17, 2019 at 02:05 pm by -gToon

Daz Studio is a great application for creating good renders in your 3D scene. No better example of this is beachsidelegs's 3d scene "Visitation". This artist has a fabulous gallery at and Visitation is only one of many beautifully rendered scenes. Glass or any translucent material is very hard to get right in a render because so many things can go wrong. 

Beachsidelegs does a great job of visualizing an alien visitation scene. One doesn't think of a beautiful forest as background for this kind of scene. BSL also manages to create a convincing eerieness to the scene through color and depth. Visitation tells a story the viewer probably shouldn't know about. This adds to the weirdness of the scene. 

For more wonderful art from beachsidelegs please visit the artist's gallery at

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