How to use nonlinear animation workflows in Maya

Jan 01, 2019 at 02:00 pm by Submitted

Autodesk Maya

Take a look at these tutorials for using nonlinear animation, which typically refers to the process of modifying and combining existing animations in order to produce a new motion, from Autodesk.

This is done by converting lower level animation (keyframes and anim curves) to a higher level, clip representation of the same animation.  Once in clip form, a number of operations can be applied in order to augment the underlying animation including: moving, scaling, sequencing, reordering, re-timing, blending and layering.  

The primary tool for working with nonlinear animation in Maya is the Time Editor.  The Time Editor is a powerful and versatile UI with accompanying toolset.  In this series of demonstrations I cover a range of related nonlinear animation workflows.

Nonlinear Animation Workflows with the Maya Time Editor











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