November 2018 Member of the Month: SEAHORSE

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Member of the Month: SEAHORSE

Renderosity's Member of the Month for November 2018 is Seahorse.

Seahorse has been a member of Renderosity since 2009. Since then this talented artist has posted nearly 100 images to their gallery. Many of the images are mixed media and feature a lush palette of clothing, scene props and moody/interesting women (and cats!). Seahorse is also a popular artist at Renderosity with over 50,000 views and 222 followers.

Seahorse took some time out of her schedule to talk with us about her work and background. She also hand-picked 10 images from her gallery for the video gallery.

Interview with Seahorse

Renderosity: Who is Seahorse? Can you tell us a little about your background?

Seahorse: My name is Mary Rushton - I live in Fairfax, VA and work for a law firm in Washington DC. I have amused myself with drawing & painting for as long as I can remember - as a child I attended art classes at the Corcoran Gallery; in college I majored in art and was lucky enough to spend most of the studio classes outdoors doing landscape painting (with the Shenandoah Valley and Blue Ridge Mountains as inspiring subject matter). After I graduated from college in 1965, I moved to London, where I worked at the Tate Gallery for 6 years and continued to live there until I moved back to the States in the early 80s.

Many of your works have a lush, layered look almost like a Renaissance painting. Is painting an influence? What kinds of works inspire you?

Seahorse: Inspiration Yes, painting is a huge influence - I am particularly inspired by the artists of the 17th Century Dutch Golden Age and recently have found myself equally drawn to Italian Renaissance tempera paintings - particularly the portraits in both periods. I guess I am utterly transfixed by the beautiful lace and luxurious textiles depicted in these paintings. Textile art has also been part of my past - laboriously hand stitching an elaborate quilt and designing and stitching my own needlepoint projects. In the end, this proved to be so labor-intensive and took so long to complete that I decided I had to find something that could produce results in days or weeks, rather than months or years!

You obviously have a great love of cats. How many do you have at home?

Seahorse: Cats That's quite funny actually. - I currently don't have any cats - although I did grow up with cats - all kinds - alley, as well as pedigree Siamese and Birmans. After sharing 12 years of my life with a big black chow-chow, however - kind of like living with a creature that appeared to be part dog, part lion and part bear - I will forever be "a dog person."

What tools do you use and what is your basic workflow?

Seahorse: Tools/Workflow I do all of my renders in Poser. Currently, I am using Poser Pro 2014, and I often generate multiple renders to build composite scenes in Photoshop.

How has Renderosity made a difference in your life?

Seahorse: I am fairly new to the 3d world, having jumped into it without a clue of where or how to begin - that was in 2009, and it has been an ongoing learning experience ever since. Needless to say, Renderosity has been a fantastic resource in that journey - so many wonderful, inspiring artists and creative content vendors - and I felt welcome right from the beginning,

Any last thoughts you'd like to share?

Seahorse: Hoping I can get back to contributing more frequently - it has been hard to carve out any spare time over the last couple of years.....I'm working on it though!

Many thanks to everyone for their comments and support over the years.

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