November 2018 Vendor of the Month: ANAGORD

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Vendor of the Month: ANAGORD

The Vendor of the Month for November 2018 is Anagord.

Anagord is a multi-award winning vendor at Renderosity. Not only has she won the Vendor of the Month multiple times, but she was chosen as the 2018 All-Around Vendor of the Year for 2017. Anagord's creations are stylish and detailed which makes her a top seller here at Renderosity.

Anagord creates 3D figure assets (900+ in her store) primarily for Daz Studio's Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 female figures. Her clothing, footwear, and accessories are so beautiful. She has a wonderful sense of glamour and fashion in all of her work.

We congratulate Anagord for earning the Vendor of the Month award for November. Since we've interviewed Anagord many times, we thought we'd reprint her most recent interview (see below). Our video gallery for Anagord features 10 of her recent creations.

Interview with Vendor of the Month - Anagord

Renderosity: Tell us a little about your background: how did you become an vendor at Renderosity?

Anagord: I really loved art since I was a kid.I loved everything about it.I loved the freedom to express myself, to express emotions, thoughts, dreams, everything through it. And first I saw Renderosity really by accident on Google searching for something.I've opened the site and I was really impressed.I saw so many awesome 2D and 3D stuff and I really wanted to join. At first, I was just watching and enjoying others amazing art.The months was passing and one day I have decided that I should try myself too. And that is how it all started. :) …

What is the typical workflow on a project and what tools do you use?

Anagord: It really depends on inspiration in the moment. :)F.e. when it comes to characters I first decide if she will be younger or older,what body type,will she be fantasy,sci fi or fashion inspired model.I usually take some paper and start drawing the ideas and mixing all the things I have in my mind in that moment.Then deciding on skins.Will she be pale,tanned,medium skin tone,etc...When it comes to texturing it is also different.When I do fashion inspired clothing I usually have a lot of ideas really fast.:D When it comes to more complex outfits I give myself a bit more time to think of colors,materials,ideas,details,etc. :) The tools I am currently using are Photoshop,Poser Pro,Daz Studio and ZBrush. …

Do you have any favorites among your works?

Anagord: Uhh tough question hehe.They are all my favorites in some way :), but I can say for textures it can be RANGER for Night Watcher by RPublishing and Rhiannon and for characters that would be Briony G3F/V7. :) …

Brionu G3F/V7 by Anagord

What other vendors or artists have influenced your work?

Anagord: I love all vendors and their stuff.They are truly all amazing so I can't pick.They are all so nice and also very talented people. …

How has Renderosity made a difference in your growth as an artist/vendor?

Anagord: Renderosity made difference in my whole life in a best possible way! Renderosity is a place full of people and team who really wants to help. And that is the most important thing! They all helped me to learn, to be better, to never give up, to try something new always. All the time I had some mistake, issues or something the entire team was always there to help!And that is something I will be grateful forever.That much patience, understanding and encouraging words really helps people who doesn't know anything to some day become much much better!!Thank you all for that so much! …

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to become a vendor?

Anagord: The advice would be to never give up. Learn as much as you can. This is kind of a job when you always can be better and always can learn more. You never know enough.:D Also to never give up on ideas, being different, being unique. …

Any last thoughts or comments?

Anagord: I just wanted this time to say thank you to all the Renderosity team. To thank them for their time, understanding, help, nice words, everything! Also to say thank you to my buyers who are supporting me through years and their support is something that I am really grateful on and that is something that is pushing me to always be better and to give them my best!Without buyers support and the entire Renderosity team I would never make it! :)

Be sure to visit Anagord's store to see more of her excellent work** and view the video gallery below.

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