Gallery: Tranquility by Seahorse

Nov 10, 2018 at 12:38 pm by -gToon


Seahorse is a Renderosity artist who was recently selected as the November Member of the Month. I was unfamiliar with this excellent artist's wort until I began to create a video from her gallery. I was taken by how her scenes reminded me of Dutch and Renaissance paintings. Sure enough, in an interview with her, she said that these period paintings were great inspirations to her. 

My favorite from Seahorse's gallery is "Tranquility". It looks like a French painting from the 18th century. I love the scene with the woman reading a book as if she has escaped her responsibilities and is enjoying a moment alone. The framing of the scene is perfect as is the depth of the scene. But what is most impressive are the subtle color choices. Tranquility is truly a beautiful and thoughtfully created scene. 

Please visit Seahorse's gallery for more of her beautiful and often poignant work. 

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