Unreal announces 2018 Architectural 3D Awards Winners

Oct 05, 2018 at 02:07 pm by Press Release

Architectural 3D Awards

CGArchitect’s annual Architectural 3D Awards saw an exciting debut this year: the inclusion of two categories for Unreal Studio projects!

These categories were specifically for users of Unreal Studio, our suite of tools for Unreal Engine designed for non-game uses like architectural visualization.

The first category, the Unreal Studio Experience (Image),focused on visual quality of a single image created in a real-time setting.  

The winning entry from ENTRE+ Architects is a photoreal picture of a poolside retreat with reflections, multiple light sources, and foliage. The image, which you might recognize from one of the real-time sequences on the Unreal Studio page, demonstrates the visual fidelity possible with the combination of Unreal Studio and Unreal Engine.

“We greatly enjoyed making this image,” says Alexandre Larouche, CEO and Co-Founder of ENTRE+ Architects. “It wasn’t in the original plan for the client, but after we created a complete daylight real-time model of the project in Unreal Engine, we felt that something was missing. We decided to create an image that shows the real potential of this space, with an atmosphere that progressively changes from a dominant red artificial light to a warm yellow natural light coming from a late-afternoon blue sky. The client loved it!”

The second category, Unreal Studio Experience (Film), required not only stunning imagery but also a demonstration of an innovative interactive experience. The winning entry from Line Creative is a video presentation of a package they offer to clients, a game platform where clients can review all the visualization media assets for their projects. Clients can review architectural plans and video walk-throughs, tour the scene in virtual reality, and use a configurator to change floor and furniture materials on the fly. The sample experience is available as a free download on the Line Creative website.


"This winning project was our real first commercial attempt at full work with Unreal Engine,” says Eylon Sherf, Founder at Line Creative. “By exporting the scene via Datasmith, it was already 70% to 80% ready to go, with tasks like unwrapping handled automatically. That freed up time to focus on creative scene design, testing and perfecting different elements until we achieved the desired look."

This Line Creative experience is part of a new paradigm in architectural visualization being driven by real-time rendering, where clients can explore an entire design in virtual reality for a more immersive and direct experience of the concept. 

We extend our congratulations to the winners, and to all the nominees in the Unreal Studio categories. Be sure to check out all the amazing Unreal Studio projects from the contest, and then start your own winning adventure by downloading the free Unreal Studio beta!

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