Art Gallery: Día de los Muertos by deathbycanon

Oct 05, 2018 at 12:37 pm by -gToon

Día de los Muertos by deathbycanon 

Since October is our month for all things spooky and gothic, we are running a series of artworks that match that theme. Today, we have a great piece by Renderosity artist deathbycanon. Dia de los muertos is a Mexican holiday where communities celebrate and acknowledge their dead. One of the traditions of Dia de los muertos is face-painting. Deathbycanon has created a wonderful portrait of a woman who is celebrating the tradition of Mexican face painting. 

Dia de los Muertos is also a beautifully composed. The central focus of the image is the woman's face. Candle light helps create a vignette effect and adds warmth to a subject that is often portrayed in a cold, frightening manner. There is something inviting about deathbycanon's creation. Inviting you to participate in a ritual that is community affirming, not a celebration of decay. 

Here's deathbycanon's description of the piece: 

When I first got Bohemian Mist by Deecey 3D I really wanted to try it with the shawl over the head of a sugar skull, only at the time i didn't have a sugar skull character, then along came Lizette for G8F by Freja and she was perfect! She actually has several faces available, go check her out at renderosity.

Check out deathbycanon's gallery if you are interested in the products he mentions try clicking the links in the above quote. 

Note: the original image of Dia de los Muertos was cropped to fit the header of this article. Here is the complete, uncropped image: 

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