Video: AFKA "El Aeronauta" by Daniel Ruiz Lucero

Sep 29, 2018 at 02:14 pm by -gToon

From the director: 

Here's a music video I finished recently.

Talking with the band, they had a particular story in mind and wanted a hand-drawn, pencil shaded look - which would have been great to do, but quite unrealistic for me to tackle on my own. To work around this I offered to mix 3d characters and hand-drawn backgrounds and textures, as I've seen others do in similar projects to great effect. This was a first for me but knew blender was the tool for me to do it.
I'm the first to admit is far from perfect, but tried to get the best result with the time and resources available at the moment. Most of you will know what I'm talking about:

  • One side of you: This, and this and that need more work!
  • The other side: Time is running out, that is good enough!!! Render it!!!

The band was quite satisfied with the result so I'm very happy also, and hope I delivered a product that you can appreciate and enjoy.

I'm kind of a snoop, so I love it when others share process and behind the scenes material.
For those like me, here I share some drawings from when I was pitching Ideas.

I want to thank everyone that works and participates on BlenderNation, Blender Artists and the developers of our beloved Blender! cheers! :-)

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