#ue4jam: And the finalists are ...

Sep 26, 2018 at 12:00 pm by Press Release

Summer #ue4jam

The games have been played, points have been awarded, and the winners revealed. Over 300 Unreal developers submitted 150 games in the Summer #ue4jam and we couldn’t be more excited, or proud, to see all the wonderful content our community created in only five days.

With the announcement of the theme, “Well, that escalated quickly,” jammers dove into development - taking on new software, new teams, and a variety of challenges. On Twitter, #ue4jam came to life with concepts, snapshots of brainstorming sessions, and progress shots over the course of the jam.

It is always a delight to witness the creativity and talent displayed by the community, especially the fun and quirky moments that shine through in a game jam. You’ll find a wide variety of experiences on the Summer #ue4jam Itch.io page; protect your grandma from demons (that you summoned accidentally), follow the journey of Jonathan and his whale, evade difficult obstacles on your drive to work, and many many more!

As with every #ue4jam, the tricky task for our team is narrowing the selection down to just a few winners. All those that participated should be proud of their work; many congrats to you and your wonderful projects! After much deliberation, we made our selection of finalists and special category winners. These folks will be receiving outstanding prizes from our gracious sponsors.

Ben Mears, Games Community Manager at SideFX, and Michael Allar, UE4 specialist and longtime community contributor, joined the Summer #ue4jam Results Unreal Engine livestream to announce the winners, where we played through the winning games, discussing why we selected them, and shared some of our personal favorites.

And the winners of the 2018 Summer #ue4jam are:


Seven Slash - The Return of the Living Chickens

Caffeine7 - GasGas

Team Nomnom - This Side Up


Special Category Winners

On the Go: CREATEXION - Got Away With It! 

Something, Something Reality: Certain Things - Albina

Army of One: Richang Games - Multiliens

Allar Dallar Award

Michael Allar joined us for the Summer #ue4jam and sponsored a unique prize category - The Allar Dallar Award. As Allar streamed all the submissions, he and his community of Twitch viewers selected the game they were entertained by the most.

Blackbird - Play Outside

Many thanks are in order to our sponsors, allowing us to provide exciting resources and tools to our jammers: Intel SoftwareFalcon Northwest, SideFXAssemblaCrowdforge.ioQuixelSoundlyPolyPixel, the IGDADallar.org, and SB.

Thank you to all those who continue to share your talents and abilities with us; We hope you challenged yourselves, learned something new, and even had fun in the process! Follow us @UnrealEngine for all things Unreal and join us for our next #ue4jam in November!

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