Unity partners with DeepMind to advance AI research

Sep 26, 2018 at 11:26 am by SchelleFire

Unity Games

The partnership with Unity will enable DeepMind to develop virtual environments and tasks in support of their fundamental AI research program.

DeepMind researchers are addressing huge AI problems, and they have selected Unity as a primary research platform for creating complex virtual environments that will enable the development of algorithms capable of learning to solve complex tasks.

"We believe the future of AI is being shaped by increasingly sophisticated human-machine interactions, and Unity is proud to be the engine that is enabling these interactions," Unity said in the press release.

Unity is no stranger to forging thought-leadership in the AI field. A year ago, it introduced and open sourced the ML-Agents Toolkit to enable machine learning researchers to study complex behaviors using Unity and provide game developers with the latest machine learning technologies.

In combination with the ML-Agents toolkit, Unity is quickly becoming the platform of choice for the development of intelligent agents.

In a reference paper published last week, Unity detailed how to use the Unity platform to create and leverage simulation environments that are rich in sensory and physical complexity, provide compelling cognitive challenges, and support dynamic multi-agent interaction.

These environments provide the foundation to accelerate AI research in areas such as computer vision, robotics, natural language instruction, autonomous vehicle development, and many other areas of science and technology.

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