KitBash3d Celebrates One Year Anniversary with New Product Line, Brand Film & FREE Sample Kit Giveaways

Sep 23, 2018 at 01:07 pm by Press Release

Destiny 2 Cinematic Director Sava Zivkovic has created CG brand film titled “Build Your World” exploring the history of architecture using only KitBash3d

LOS ANGELES (September 18, 2018)—The KitBash3d store, which launched a year ago this week, has found a special way to celebrate its anniversary - expanding its product offering. The young company, which has carved a niche for themselves offering top quality 3D architectural assets to concept artists, VFX and design studios, has released a new World Kit each month of this year. Their existing line encapsulates styles as varied as Neo Tokyo, Utopia, Fairy Tale and Future Slums, that have immediately been adopted by the industry's top artists and studios. Today they launch their newest product line - Props.

Featuring four new kits, Streets, Greebles, Highways and Rooftops, and cheaper price points of $45, $95 and $145, artists will be able to further build out their worlds in a fraction of the time. Each kit is designed by a team of industry-leading concept artists and art directors, and specifically built for production with clean geometry, mid-poly counts,UVed and textured. All assets are application agnostic and integrate seamlessly into workflows with all off-the-shelf digital content creation tools.


To help celebrate the anniversary launch, Destiny 2 cinematic director Sava Zivkovic has created a new cinematic brand film titled “Build Your World,” using only assets from the KitBash3d store. Opening in a dark world of the Fairy Tale kit, Zivkovic takes audiences on a ride, seamlessly traversing Gothic castles, Victorian sunsets, Neo Tokyo skyscrapers, the slums of Kowloon, embattled warzones, and ultimately the quest for life beyond our planet. The film’s score was composed by Iz Svemira.

“Our jaws hit the floor when we saw Sava’s video. This is the first cinematic of it’s kind to use the kits in such detail.” said KitBash3d Co-founder Maxx Burman, an art director and matte painter whose credits include Iron Man 3, Godzilla, and Game of Thrones among others.

“This is a very exciting day for us to launch this latest addition to our product line. After a year of putting out a new World Kit each month, and upgrading all our kits this summer to include textures, we believe our new Props line is exactly the expansion our audience has been asking for.” added KitBash3d Co-founder Banks Boutté.

“Working with Sava and Iz to make this new architectural exploration has been an incredible process. Sava has a unique ability to tackle cinematic environments completely on his own and at a pace that is equally impressive.”  


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KitBash3d is on a mission to enable and inspire artists to create without permission. Their premium 3D assets for VFX, concept art and design allow artists to work faster, at a higher level, and with more focus on the creative process. Their 3D model kits have immediately been adopted by the industry's top artists, studios and hobbyists alike. For more information visit

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