Wacom Artist Profile: Comedian, cartoonist Jason Chatfield

Aug 28, 2018 at 10:00 am by Press Release

Jason Chatfield is a cartoonist and a comedian working in New York City, and is originally from Perth in Western Australia. You can find his work in The New Yorker and MAD magazine.

Jason happens to be the vice president of the National Cartoonist Society, which is the world's biggest cartooning organization, founded in the 1940s and it covers the full spectrum of cartooning. 

It is safe to say that Jason is definitely one of the artists we love, so we went to see him in New York and asked him some questions that you all can hopefully learn something new from.

Enjoy one part of this three-part series. Watch the other two videos here.

Part 2 - Stand up comedy and cartooning

Being a cartoonist, you don´t really receive any laughs when you put your comics out there. So when Jason started doing stand up comedy, he found out that it is incredibly rewarding to get feedback on a joke immediately. Then he combined stand up comedy with cartooning, which became his magic formula.


"I've never once hit a creative block that New York didn't unblock for me." Jason Chatfield

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