Reallusion releases LIVE FACE for iPhone X

Aug 10, 2018 at 09:06 am by Press Release

Reallusion Live Face

The popularity of the iPhone X for face tracking has serious power for animators and storytellers.

Reallusion, creators of the unified full-body motion capture tool, iClone Motion LIVE announce the addition of iPhone X face mocap. 

The iPhone X app LIVE FACE works with iClone Motion LIVE to provide a total solution out-of-the-box for full-body and face motion capture. VFX on a budget and innovation meet with the iPhone X for motion capture combined with iClone Motion Live and the LIVE FACE app.

Users can download the LIVE FACE app to Wi-Fi stream tracking data from an iPhone X to a workstation client.

Then, through Motion LIVE, combine iPhone X facial data with other mocap sources like Xsens, Noitom, Rokoko, OptiTrack and Leap Motion for a complete face and body mocap studio.

Besides custom importing character designs, developers can professionally animate characters generated from major character systems like iClone Character Creator and Daz3D.

The iPhone X addition to Motion LIVE empowers real-time usage for virtual hosts, interactive characters, live entertainers and performers. This new solution also compliments a production workflow for editing, rendering and exporting to any game engine or 3D application.


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