Affinity Designer Comes to the iPad

Jul 26, 2018 at 10:51 pm by nickcharles

The latest addition to the Affinity line-up of creative software is the new Affinity Designer for iPad. And the best news is that it comes in with over 95% of the features of the desktop version, making it the first full-featured, professional design tool to make it to the iPad. The folks at Serif worked long and hard on this one to make it fully compatible with the iPad and the Apple pencil, giving you everything you need to create on the go.

If you aren't familiar with Affinity Designer, it is a unique, professional graphics design app that includes both vector and raster design tools within it. And you can switch between these tools seamlessly. So, for example, if you wish to sketch out your ideas with the raster brushes first, you can then switch right to the Draw persona to do the vector work. Or, you can work in vector first, and do some texturing and painting in the Pixel persona...or go back and forth between. And this incredible app is now on the iPad!

All of the Affinity apps were built for today's technology to be super fast, professional tools, with absolutely no bloat. And this is true for Affinity Designer for iPad. You get everything you need to create on the go, with full integration of multi-touch gestures and the dynamics of the Apple pencil.

Features of Affinity Designer for iPad include:

Vector tools
Non-destructive booleans
Incredible text tools
Raster tools
Over 100 raster brushes
Live blend modes
Unlimited layers
Non-destructive adjustment layers
1,000,000% zoom
Live shapes
Tons of export options

Check out the features page here.

There are currently over 60 video tutorials available for learning Affinity Designer for iPad here.

Affinity Designer for iPad is currently available for $13.99 - that's 30% off the regular price until August 1st, so be sure to snatch this up now.


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