Isotropix unveils Clarisse BUiLDER

Jul 23, 2018 at 12:56 pm by Press Release

Isotropix unveils Clarisse BUiLDER the ultimate lighting and rendering solution for major studios.

Isotropix, a privately held software company developing high-end innovative graphics software, announced today Clarisse BUiLDER. Unveiled yesterday during Isotropix’s London keynote, Clarisse BUiLDER is a solution tailored for studios working on large volume and large scale VFX and animation, which is a high-end superset of its flagship production proven product Clarisse iFX.

Created over four years of R&D in collaboration with top Industry experts, Clarisse BUiLDER is a brand-new solution designed to resolve the complex challenges of today’s VFX and animation studios working on large scale projects. The result: an all new powerful integrated node-based solution for scalable and interactive look development, lighting, rendering and pre-compositing.

With Clarisse BUiLDER, Isotropix introduces a one of a kind node-based procedural rendering workflow that allows artists to both macromanage and micromanage complex production scenes. Aiming to alleviate the funnel issues encountered in lighting and the economic challenges studios are facing today when dealing with retakes, Clarisse BUiLDER gives lighters the ability to non-destructively perform arbitrary edits at sequence, shot or layer level while working interactively on comped images from a single integrated application. Clarisse BUiLDER dramatically reduces iterations costs, minimizes blind retakes that usually lead to back and forth between departments and also increases control over final imagery to maximize artist’s creative time.

“Back in 2012, Isotropix unveiled Clarisse iFX and we revolutionized the market. Since, Clarisse iFX has become the tool of choice for its reliability, super fast lookdev, lighting and rendering workflow and its unique ability to create and manage large scale environments. Thanks to our strong collaboration with Industry leaders, we are now super excited to unveil Clarisse BUiLDER on which we spent 4 years of design and R&D solving the difficult issues major studios are facing. We are pushing the limits even further by bringing the revolution we started to the next level! Today, Clarisse BUiLDER is simply the most advanced integrated scene assembly, lookdev, lighting and rendering solution ever made!” commented Sam Assadian, CEO & Co-Founder at Isotropix.

More in-depth information about Clarisse BUiLDER and its core features is available at:


  • Clarisse BUiLDER targets studios working on large volume and large
    scale VFX and animation. To learn more about its pricing and
    availability or to evaluate Clarisse BUiLDER studios may contact
    Isotropix’s Sales Team


  • Focused video tutorials covering Clarisse’s features, from basics to
    advanced, are available to watch for free and can be found on the
    Isotropix Learning Hub.


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Isotropix is a software development company founded in 2011 by former CG Artists, Sam Assadian and Sebastien Guichou. The company develops high-end 3D graphics software targeted for the VFX/Animation industry and adopted by world leading studios such as DNEG, Industrial Light & Magic, WETA Digital and Dreamworks Animation. Today, Clarisse, their flagship product, is extensively used in pipelines and has already been delivering images for many feature films such as: Star Wars The Force Awakens / The Last Jedi, Star Trek Beyond and more recently Wonder Woman, Dunkirk, Valerian, Blade Runner 2049 as well as many TV-series like American Gods, The Young Pope, Black Sails, Black Mirror and Altered Carbon. Discover the outstanding work Isotropix’s talented clients have created with Clarisse over the past years at For more information about our products, visit

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