E-on Software releases Release 6 of VUE 2016, PlantFactory 2016

Jun 28, 2018 at 10:12 am by Press Release

E-on software, a leading global developer of software for the creation, animation, rendering, and integration of natural 3D environments in the computer graphics, VFX, architecture, and gaming industries, today announced the immediate availability of Release 6 (R6) of its VUE and PlantFactory 2016 software.

The free trial versions of its VUE 2016 and PlantFactory 2016 R6 software are also immediately available.

Key New Features in VUE 2016 R6

  • UI/UX and navigation improvements:
    • Vastly improved display speed and UI responsiveness
    • New interactive multi-object selection display
    • New mouse-centered and advanced target-centered scene navigation modes that can be set on a per camera basis
    • New drop on top/smart drop on top actions
    • 2 new replace-by scaling options
    • Updated industry standard shortcuts, and addition of several new shortcut triggers
    • Improved top-view spline editor
    • Revamped import options
  • Atmospheric effects and lighting:
    • Image based lighting (IBL) importance sampling greatly improves lighting accuracy
    • Set gamma corrections for environment maps
    • Randomize cloud layers parameters
    • Several improvements on MetaCloud technology (density production, auto scale, additional volumetric material roughness and more)
  • Performance:
    • Up to 6x faster EcoSystem cache generation
    • 10% faster rendering of very large EcoSystem populations
    • Faster overall read and write mechanisms
  • EcoSystem populations with native instances in 3dsMax, Maya and Cinema4D (1)
    • Populate EcoSystems onto native assets
    • Add native assets/proxies to EcoSystem population lists
    • Load scenes created with Carbon Scatter
  • Interoperability improvements: (1)
    • VUE xStream now supports LightWave 2018
    • EcoSystem display quality can be set for each item in the population list, and set to box, point cloud, billboard or geometry
    • Dramatically faster EcoSystem display


(1) VUE xStream only

Key new features in PlantFactory 2016 R6

  • Creative tools
    • New diamond leaves node:
      • Allows massive savings on polygon footprint
      • Adds subdivision boost, mid-rib angle and curvature parameters for precise fine tuning
      • New diamond shape cutout from regular texture maps and new diamond UV mode (45° tilted texture map) for optimizing polygon space
    • Seasonal material editor dedicated to Bentley LumenRT real-time engine (2)
      • Set as many season steps as necessary (each step relates to a specific set of textures and color shift)
      • New color-shift mask to apply seasonal color shift only where it matters (e.g. leaves but not branches)
      • Complete animation toolset to handle gradual seasonality changes throughout the plant lifecycle
    • Flower node improvements: (3)
      • New dedicated 2D profile filter editor to easily add more flower geometry complexity
      • Updated trumpet flower node to take advantage of new 2D filter
      • New flower gravitropism parameter to simulate gravity effects on flowers
  • UI/UX and navigation improvements
    • Industry standard shortcuts (Alt based navigation)

(2)PlantFactory Producer only

Nvidia Store

(3)PlantFactory Designer, Studio and Producer only


Release 6 (R6) is available as a free software update for all registered users of VUE and PlantFactory 2016.

The 2016 R6 trial versions are also immediately available. Users can download the 2016 R6 trial versions at no charge here.

All VUE and PlantFactory 2016 software titles are available in English, French and German and perform under all versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 (64 bit only), and Mac Intel (64 bit) for MacOSX 10.7+.

More information on VUE 2016 and PlantFactory 2016 is available at VUE and PlantFactory.

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