Maxon, Fox Renderfarm join forces in strategic partnership

Jun 20, 2018 at 09:52 am by Press Release

Fox Renderfarm spoke recently with Friederike Bruckert, Maxon’s VP of International Sales and Marketing, about the advanced features of Maxon's flagship product, Cinema 4D, and how Fox Renderfarm's strong alliance brings a perfect experience to both users.

"Fox Renderfarm has provided professional services for an overwhelming number of domestic and international top animation production companies and VFX studios. The cooperation with Maxon C4D demonstrates our ongoing effort to enhance the convenience of our beloved users and CG artist globally," said Simon Su, marketing, Fox Renderfarm. 

Known for its fast computing speed and powerful rendering plug-ins, it gradually became the first choice for many top-notch movie companies and artists after it was developed by Maxon Computer.

C4D is now widely used in animation, 3D product, industrial design, advertising, VFX and game industry. C4D has also been widely recognized and used in movie production, such as "Coco," "Avatar," and "Ghost in the Shell.”

As one of the largest cloud rendering farms in the world, Fox Renderfarm has served more than 100,000 users since the company was founded, and its powerful cloud computing technology has been a huge leap forward for Chinese CG industry-shaping.

The Advanced Features of C4D

Fox: What are the highlights and selling points of C4D compared to Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya?

Bruckert: 1. Precise interface, easy navigation
Compared with other software packages, C4D's interface is more intuitive and easier to navigate. The C4D training platform: can help users improve their efficiency. Even beginners can start off after a short week of training and practice.

2. High efficiency
C4D is implemented with a standard yet smooth workflow.
“Our customers are working several times faster than our competitor software. C4D works with different rendering engines and plug-ins, especially Adobe Creative Cloud products, and users can enjoy a series of software combined application experiences, including Adobe After Effects or Illustrator.”

3. Personalized user experience
The reliability of C4D is a legend of the industry. It has a very user-friendly experience. For example, the C4D user community provides a wide range of communication opportunities for the majority of users. It matches and solves the actual problems of users and improves the user's engagement.  When you start to use a new software with unknown expectations, the user community will truly benefit you for quickly familiarizing yourself with the software. This is exciting.

Fox: How does Maxon/C4D Engage Users Experience?
Bruckert: C4D users include a variety of both startup companies and well-developed companies. The user needs change with project size or rendering requirements. To comply with peaks and to better manage projects is certainly an important factor for MAXON customers. In addition, C4D is suitable for projects of all sizes and can meet a variety of production requirements of users, and expand the business to some extent, and it is even more powerful for companies that have established core competitiveness.
Fox: Tell us about the Strategic Cooperation of Maxon and Fox Renderfarm.
Bruckert: Friederike Bruckert said in interview that Maxon and Fox Renderfarm represent the best in their respective fields. The combination of top technology 1+1 can double the user experience and revenue. Maxon will maintain long-term cooperation with Fox Renderfarm and complement each other to ensure that C4D is compatible and flexible enough to provide comprehensive services to users. When Cinema 4D users have access to Fox Renderfarm, they can entrust time-consuming and costly rendering work to Fox Renderfarm according to their own needs. They are fully committed to the creation of their works, and their inspiration and talent are fully utilized. Take advantage of the combination of Maxon and Fox Renderfarm, step by step to the peak of creation.
Fox: Tell us more about C4D.
Bruckert: Maxon has been established for more than 30 years. Their flagship product is Cinema 4D, an ideal and efficient tool for creating advanced 3D graphics. Whether a beginner or an experienced professional, they can always make the most of C4D, creating artwork out of their imagination.

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In the future, Maxon will keep the pace of development, release a strong version every year, and adapt it to the latest technology trend while ensuring the quality level that our customer rely on. Of course, Maxon will also move forward to provide more features and flexibility beyond customers’ expectation. “Efficiency and user experience are the key and core value of C4D.The function is priority, so does its compliance with other software to ensure a convenient and smooth operation process. When promoting products, we would like to show our success stories and testimonials to the outside world because that is more illustrative of the problem and also helps to locate and develop customers in the new 2D design field.

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