Art Candy: Colorful Liquids

Jun 14, 2018 at 01:52 pm by Barbara Din

We all like to watch something mesmerizing now and then, and this time I found a mixture that's hard to resist: colorful stuff and fluid dynamics. Combine that, plus intentional editing and good music and you have these wonderful short videos.

Don't get me wrong: they’re not as easy as it seems. I've watched tons in order to show you this selection and you need not only good editing and directing skills, also a great sense of color theory.

I always find art and science are so intensely related, like twins that finish each other's sentences. These are like a visual illustration of one of the ways they interact. Enjoy!

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Colour Galaxies

In this video you get introduced to the trendy paint-milk-oil-soap experiment that’s going around all over the net. You can even get their instructions on how to recreate it yourself!

Memories of Paintings

Imagine your best photo ever

Here we have a more cinematographic approach, with more macro shots and a careful relationship with the music and sound fx. As colors flow and bubbles dance, your imagination starts going as you relate it to the title.

Colors in Macro

This one feels more dramatic, not only because of the music, but because it goes a step further by incorporating shots from different angles and hi-speed cameras. By the end of it, you feel as if you’ve just witnessed an important event in the creation of the universe, or something like that.


With a simpler title, but a more melancholic mood, Colors takes us to the deeper realms of our conscience as the pigment particles intertwine and play, like our emotions and our thoughts in a neverending dialog.

Ink in Motion

This one is done with the “behind the scenes” incorporated into the narrative, so you correlate what happens in the cinematic shots with how it’s done. With super macros and a hi-speed camera, Ink In Motion plays with your curiosity. They show you how ink interacts with several different props, with amazing slow-mo shots and back-and-forth edits.

I hope you found this as captivating and inspiring as I did. They not only make me wanna go play with paint colors, but they also ignited a little videographer fire in me! How did they inspire you?

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