Allegorithmic Launches Photorealistic Car Material Collection

Jun 09, 2018 at 10:36 am by Press Release

First 90 Materials have already launched with More to Follow Every Friday; Hundreds of Customizable Materials to Cover All Parts of a Car 

Allegorithmic’s Substance Source library, a repository of scanned and procedurally generated 3D materials, is about to receive the biggest influx of content since its launch. Over the course of the next five weeks, the makers of the Substance suite of tools will add nearly 500 original materials to help any artist or designer create a photorealistic car, from the tires to the dash. The first 45 materials are available now.

The releases begin today and will continue until July 5, with new materials available every Thursday. The project originated as a means to offer automotive designers and artists a way to create photorealistic vehicles quickly, with nearly unlimited possibilities. Thanks to tweakable settings, users can choose from a comprehensive range of ready-to-use materials for both the interior and exterior of vehicles, or customize them to fit any 3D project where photorealism matters.

“When you can begin with every type of car material laid out in front of you, the design process really becomes about where you want to take it,” said Nicolas Paulhac, Product Manager and Color, Material and Finish Designer at Allegorithmic. “With this collection, we want to give designers a wide resource to pull from, so they can put their time into their ideas, wherever they may lead.” 

Each release will have a different automotive-related theme designed with the aid of automotive experts, with the first focusing on prototyping and design. Users can start with the basics and outfit their models with photorealistic clay and foam materials, which accurately mimic real-world design processes. Several metals and coatings – including a handful of full body camouflage stickers – will also be released as part of the collection. Over the course of the five weeks, an extensive set of samples including metal, plastic, rubber and upholstery will be released that target every part of a car - inside and out.

The second and third releases – planned for June 14 and 21 – will each introduce 100 new materials focusing on exterior design. The fourth and fifth, scheduled for June 28 and July 5, will each offer 120 new materials focused on interiors. Each release will include textures for all facets of car design, and each can be altered to reflect real-world conditions, including mud, scratches and more. Utilizing these materials, artists in any field that feature vehicles – including games and films – will find everything they need to design a realistic automobile within the Source library.

As part of each new release, two selected materials will be made available for free. The addition of the automotive materials will increase the number of Substance Source materials to nearly 1,550, with more releases for multiple industries planned for later this year.


Substance Source is included in the subscription price for Substance Live at no additional cost. Individual pricing includes 30 downloads per month for $19.90; the pro plan includes 50 downloads for $99 per month; studio pricing includes unlimited access to the entire database for $1,990 per month. 

About Allegorithmic  

Allegorithmic is the industry leader in 3D texture and material creation technologies. More than 150,000 users in the domains of games and entertainment, film and VFX, architecture, and design rely on Allegorithmic's award-winning Substance texture and material authoring software for developing the next generation of digital content. Clients include: Naughty Dog, Activision, Sony Computer Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Double Negative, MPC, Foster + Partners, Gensler, Louis Vuitton, Mercedes-Benz and IKEA. Founded in 2003, Allegorithmic is based in France with offices in Clermont-Ferrand, Lyon and Paris, and has global offices in Los Angeles, Cleveland, Montreal, Singapore and Seoul.

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