Renderosity June 2018 Member of the Month: MistyLaraPrincess

Jun 05, 2018 at 11:00 am by -gToon

MistyLaraPrincess has been a member of Renderosity since 2007. One of this artist's best qualities is a great sense of humor. Nearly all of MistyLaraPrincess's work has a whimsical quality that brings a smile to your face.

Here's a quote from their bio: I luv cupcakes with sprinkles, s'mores, chatting with friends, Dark Fantasy, SciFi Fantasy, Bi Curious Fantasy Romance, Dragons, Faeries, Mermaids, standing naked under the full moon.

Interview with Member of the Month - MistyLaraPrincess

You have a great sense of humor in your work. I particularly like the Time in a Bottle! Do you always try to create works that make people smile?

MistyLaraPrincess: Thanks! I like to defy reason, blend genres, crossdress the characters, add something unexpected. Smiles are medicine.

How has being a member of Renderosity affected your work as an artist?

MistyLaraPrincess: The immediate feedback is wonderful. Posting image to the gallery can bring comments on the same day.

People in the forums help when I'm stuck on a technical issue with the software. Or stumped for ideas on how to accomplish an effect, for example, camera techniques for vertigo. 

Lovey Panda


Tell us a little about yourself: who is MistyLaraPrincess?

MistyLaraPrincess: I'm a child of the '70s, grew up with the artwork of Heavy Metal magazine. Fantasy artists like Boris Vallejo. Reading fantasy novels like 'The Dragonriders of Pern,' 'Xanth.' Caught the writing bug in the early '80s. My publishing dreams came true whenAmazonn started CreateSpace and was able to publish some of my scribbles.

When 3D for hobbyists came along. Twas a big leap from Corel Draw clipart, LOL. It started the dream of rendering a CGI movie.

Lately, my art fantasies have been influenced by Witcher 3 game art. Geralt in a broniecorn mankini ...

I love pina coladas, walks on the beach boardwalk, Aiko3. 


Techno Fashion Dave5


I notice you use Carrara in most of your work. Why did you choose that application to be your tool of choice?

MistyLaraPrincess: I was first drawn to Carrara for its particle physics. Beautiful demos out there.

It was easy to use my poser content, it's library browser connected to my poser runtimes and DAZ studio folders.

It came with an advanced sky editor, volumetric clouds, terrains, animated trees, surface replication. Modeling tools, handy to tweak poke throughs. And I can run it offline, which is a big plus for me. I have a Ryzen 7 8-core dedicated to running Carrara and Sony Platinum Suite.

Inevitably, compatibility issues arose when weight-mapping technologies diversed.

I saw in the Renderosity Poser forum they'd managed a workaround to bring Genesis 3 and it's brilliant face rigging into Poser, made me determined to do the same for Carrara. I have a bit of coding background, that helped, LOL. Curly braces, eek.

Do you have any favorite Renderosity artists?

MistyLaraPrincess: Nursoda, original character work is brilliant. lilflame, Nightshift3D, Richabri, rebelmommy, GrayCloudDesign. I'm willing to try content from new to the marketplace artists.

Gallery art: DarkGeometryArt, Wonga, Mondwin, wendyvainity, Skiriki, Diomede

Is there anything else you'd like to add before we close?

MistyLaraPrincess: I love the freedom of expression Renderosity gives to their content creators. Please, keep those doors open. Never sell out!



Canterbury Tales


Be sure to visit MistyLaraPrincess's gallery to see more of this fun-loving artist's work and say "hello" next time you meet them in the forums!

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