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Jun 19, 2018 at 12:19 am by nickcharles

Serif, the company behind the Affinity apps: Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, go to great lengths to ensure their users get the most out of their software. So much so, that their recently launched Spotlight platform is as much a central learning hub, as it is a feat of design ingenuity.

Affinity Spotlight is a great place to find stories of inspiration, tips, project ideas, behind the scenes bits, and news around the Affinity apps. However, even if you do not use Affinity apps, there is still plenty to be gained from perusing the site.

Most impressive, though, is the look and function of the Spotlight platform. Great care was taken to make it super user-friendly, with eye-popping visuals and fast loading content that is optimized for any device. To give you a better idea of how they did it, you have to see the behind the scenes of the making of Spotlight here.

With a recent launch, there is already a lot of great content posted, and you can easily find content that appeals to you. Getting past the top stories, you can browse content from within four categories: Inspiration (for some really standout works), Behind The Scenes (for a deep look at creative projects), Learning (for getting the most of Affinity software), and News & Updates (for Affinity software related news).

Ashley Hewson, Managing Director of Serif, makers of the Affinity apps had this to say about Spotlight:

"As well as being visually outstanding, we intended Affinity Spotlight to be an inspirational resource not just for Affinity Photo and Designer users, but for anyone who works or wants to work in design or photography. The response we’ve had from users in the opening weeks has been incredibly positive – not just people reading the content, but wanting to contribute. Because the focus of Spotlight is totally on people who do amazing work and have valuable professional advice to give, we’re very open to submissions from anyone who thinks they’ve got something that would add to that."

Affinity Spotlight really is like a creative community, and as such they are very welcoming of contributions to help creatives everywhere. And, as a special 'thank you' if your story is featured, you'll be at the receiving end of a special Contributor Gift Box, which includes some stunning Affinity enamel pins. You can read about the gift box and what went into designing these pins here.

And for Spotlight there is so much more to come, as Ashley says: “We’ve got some amazing content lined up from some of the biggest names in their industries, plus we’d also really urge users to sign up to receiv e the Affinity Spotlight newsletter, as we’ll be including some exclusive content and competitions.”

Having personally tried Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, I found they are both really impressive apps, with cutting-edge features and an all-around great user experience.

Rounding out the Affinity line is Affinity Publisher, which is still in the works, but expected at some point this year.

About Affinity

Affinity is a next-generation suite of award-winning software for creative professionals, comprising Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, with Affinity Publisher coming soon.

About Serif

Serif’s global success with its Affinity suite of professional design and photo editing software is built on almost three decades of expertise.

Affinity Designer, winner of an Apple Design Award in 2015, and Affinity Photo, named Best Imaging Software by the Technical Image Press Association in 2016, were a result of the vision of the development team at Serif’s headquarters in Nottingham, UK.

Created from the ground up, with the emphasis on speed, power, accuracy and lack of bloat, Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo received a stream of glowing reviews from Mac users around the world, before being launched for Windows and iOS - Affinity Photo is the 2017 iPad App of the Year, chosen by Apple.

Their creation marked a change of focus for Serif which, since 1987, had grown a reputation for quality and reliability based on the award-winning Plus range of software for PC. Powerful yet easy-to-use, the software offered low-cost alternatives to high-end publishing and graphics packages, putting professional effects and demanding publishing tasks within the reach of PC users around the world.

Serif is the winner of over 200 awards internationally, with more than 6.5 million customers worldwide. 

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