BellaDark found love in the forums

May 31, 2018 at 12:00 pm by SchelleFire


The forums at Renderosity are for many things: troubleshooting, getting tips, collaborating with others, and falling in love.

Over the years, friendships and romantic relationships have grown out of the digital gathering place like the marriage of members BellaDark and dark_thoughts.

BellaDark said she doesn't remember the first time she digitally met dark_thoughts but she remembers exactly when they confessed their feelings.

She thinks their first interaction came after she had commented on a piece of art by Syyd when they first met.

"We just started talking. Then we talked a lot through ICQ, and on Rendo messaging, and for awhile we lost touch because my husband had a heart attack in 2002, three days after turning 33," explained BellaDark, who has been a Renderosity member since 2000.

Over the next few years, their friendship grew along with their feelings for each other.

But it was her passion for digital art that ended up changing her life and she started her digital adventure by chance.

"I fell into it by accident when I saw a Bryce render a friend's husband had done and I said 'I want to do THAT,'" she said. And a search led her to Renderosity and her husband.

In the time since, BellaDark has mastered DAZ Studio and Photoshop to create stunning images for herself and Sympatico Studios.

"I usually am inspired simply by the feeling of 'I want to do an image,'" said the woman who's art experience includes a graduate degree in English Literature and training as an opera singer.

"It's just the urge to create, and the idea usually comes when I'm playing around with a pose and I'm hit with 'that's it!' I'm inspired by everything I see, though... nature, art in all its forms, a 'feeling,'" she said.

Those inspirations usually take flight as winged creatures, according to her gallery uploads.

"Faeries, angels,... but I love sci-fi too, which is weird, because I don't really read it and I don't see a lot of sci-fi films but I enjoy them," she said.

Not only does BellaDark draw inspiration from the fantasy realms, she also looks to fine art.

"(William-Adolphe) Bouguereau will always be it for me, I just love his paintings so much," she said about the French realist painter.

"In the 3D world, Martin Murphy has been an inspiration for a very long time, and in my circle of contemporaries... Connie Barrett, Rhiannon, Josh Crockett, Calum and Stonemason. I also love the digital paintings of Mélanie Delon, her work is magical to me," she said. "And Maddelirium makes the most breathtaking characters, they are works of art all on their own."

Of course, her husband also inspires her, even if he doesn't do as much digital art as he used to.

"I have never met anyone with a better work ethic and I have learned so much from him, and he has believed in me so much that I started to believe in myself. It's a bit cliché I guess, but it's the truth," she said.

When she first met dark_thoughts online, they became fast friends and their relationship grew over the years.

"After six years of talking online and on the phone, I told him one night in January 2006 'I think I have feelings for you,'" she said.

Three months later, she moved across Canada to marry him.

"We celebrated 12 years on May 27 this year," she said.

Michelle Willard, Editor of Renderosity Magazine | Former newspaper reporter. Recovering archaeologist. Political nerd. True crime junkie. Read her articles here

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