For love of dog, Shibashake makes real his imagination on Renderosity

May 22, 2018 at 11:17 am by SchelleFire


The one thing Renderosity artist Shibashake might love more than dogs is the art and beauty of the human form.

His love of dogs can be found on his website,

One would think his website would be dedicated to art, but instead to overflows with canine adoration.

"My username is the name of my first website, which is about my first love, my dogs. The website name is based on my first dog, a Shiba Inu," he said.

Shiba Inus are well documented on his website with special care given to their behavior.

"Shiba Inus have big personalities, and they do many humorous and endearing things, as well as many not so endearing things. One trademark move of theirs is this special shake, which is called the 'shiba shake,'" he said. The full-body movement, which goes from tip to tail on the dogs of Japanese descent, is also called a "crab walk" because of how their bodies move.

His love of the human form can be found in the more than 250 images he has uploaded to his Renderosity gallery since becoming a member in 2010.

More than anything else he likes to create figure-based fantasy art, but he will throw in a sci-fi setting or a superhero in his gallery every now and again.

Imagine your best photo ever

"I started with Poser at the end of 2008. In the beginning, I used Poser to create images for my websites and articles," he said.

Now he creates his masterpieces in DAZ Studio with post-work in Photoshop.

"I do 3D-rendering for the pure fun of it, and to make 'real' the fantasy scenes in my head. I enjoy it very much," he said.

Shibashake was a community member for five years before he uploaded any images. He said he didn't have much confidence in his creations or know much about Renderosity until Fred Winkler, a.k.a., vendor 3D-Dragon, reached out and encouraged him.

"He is a very talented artist, amazingly kind, and a wonderful friend," Shibashake said.

Thanks to that encouragement, we can all enjoy Shibashake's figure-based fantasy art.

"Since childhood, I have always loved reading stories, especially fantasy stories. Then, I would draw the characters that touch me the most," he said.

As an adult he does the same, just using a computer to create a digital version of his imagination because his "drawing skills are limited," he said.

But thanks to DAZ and Photoshop, he can make the scenes and characters in his head come to life.

"I also feel happy when I finish an image because I have accomplished something that I can later enjoy," he said.

He also uses art to heal.

"When I miss my beloved Husky, Shania, I can create an image that reminds me of her. With art, all roads are possible," Shibashake said. "Art is empowering and healing."

He said creating art usually goes best when he has a plan in mind before starting.

"Then, it is only a matter of getting the right things together from my content database. Thinking about image ideas is fun and very relaxing for me. My head is all over the place, so thinking about my next 3D-art project helps me to refocus and de-stress," he said.

Michelle Willard, Editor of Renderosity Magazine | Former newspaper reporter. Recovering archaeologist. Political nerd. True crime junkie. Read her articles here.

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