Returning vendor Nightsong takes inspiration from her garden

May 01, 2018 at 06:07 pm by SchelleFire


Mary Williams, known as Nightsong on, has dreams of filling her gallery and store with images and products "that shock and amaze, taking one's breath away with the intricate tapestry of emotion and story shown through a frozen moment in time," she said.

But all dreams have to start somewhere and Mary's starts with a simple basket.

Her baskets, which she describes as a collection of woven baskets designed to hold eggs, flowers, and all sorts of spring things for both Poser and DAZ Studio, are the beginning of what she hopes to be many 3D models.

Mary joined the community in 2004 and sold a few things in her store "a number of years ago" before her computer broke down and family responsibilities took precedence. So she took most of her products down. (She still has one product for Poser 9 in Freestuff.) 

"I just got up and running with a new computer again and plan to fill my store as much as humanly possible! There are just so many wonderful things that I wish I had in 3D and would love to create," she said.

Her desire to create art, one could say, is a family tradition.

"My mother was always creative and trying out new crafts and types of art, and she infected my sister and me with her adventurous soul and penchant for artistry," Mary said.

She started creating digital art in 2004 when a coworker in game development showed her the possibilities of 3D.

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"It was impressive, and I was immediately hooked! I did have to go back to art school to really learn the ropes, though," she said.

And she was surprised at how easy it is to model with a new computer than when she started in 2004.

"Computers are so much more advanced now than when I started out in 3D, too, so I knew I'd be able to actually weave the baskets and fold simple ribbon flowers for them. It feels like the sky is the limit with all we can do," she said.

She found it inspiring and is working on a collection of props she always wanted for her own runtime.

"I'm currently working on making a small library of similar objects that work with spring and summer themes, as well as the actual flowers in my garden," she said.

Since 2004, she has uploaded nearly 350 images to her Renderosity gallery and mastered Modo for modeling and Poser and Vue for her illustrations. 

"I'm always open to trying new software, though, which is why I also work in DAZ Studio and the Allegorithmic suite," she said.

Because she's just getting started again, Mary is creating simple props inspired by looking out of the window of her northern California home.

"That is where my inspiration for the baskets in my store came from: I started thinking about the things that I'd actually use in my garden (such as for gathering flowers, eggs, or even vegetables) and I started making them," she said.

Actually having a physical reference makes all the difference in her modeling, she said.

"There's no substitute for having an easy reference for what you're modeling in 3D, and I'm learning so much from working with the organic shapes of leaves, blooms, and vines," she said.

She has plenty of inspiration to chose from in her yard where she's growing a vegetable garden – tomato plants, snow peas, bell pepper plants and squash – and a flower garden – nasturtiums, geranium, lantanas, hanging fuchsia and potted roses.

"Hopefully I'll be able to create a few all-new things that folks are able to enjoy using for their 3D renders," Mary said.


She expects more flowers and garden-inspired fare to populate her store soon. 

Michelle Willard, Editor of Renderosity Magazine | Former newspaper reporter. Recovering archaeologist. Political nerd. True crime junkie. Read her articles here.

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