Take an adventure to another world in chapter 1 of Story of Rendo

Apr 30, 2018 at 12:00 pm by Press Release


The Renderosity community is creating its own world in “The Story of Rendo,” an interactive story build for and by the community where YOU are the page master.

Community members can be a part of one the largest story builds of all time. Just tell your part of the story through animation, photography, writing, 3D & 2D images.

Allow your creativity to flow and imagination to tell the Story of Rendo.

Chapter 1

Long, ago when Rendo was known as Earth. A ship from an unknown planet crash landed without any passengers, but aboard was something that would change the fate of Earth forever.

A portal was discovered, which was a gateway to different dimensions and realms.

This portal brought a great war between the leaders of Earth and the leaders of the New Realms. Some of these Realms became allies with the people of Earth and some of their worst enemies.

But as the people of Rendo were fighting each other and fending off their enemies, a hero emerged from the portal to help Tin and the Doctor on their quest.

In chapter 1, we were introduced to the characters.


The Doctor – Tin's companion

Tin – the man tasked with finding out what's on the other side of the portal

Samarah Nightfire – a hero from another dimension set on protecting Jill the Armadillo

Hatter – a man from the other side

Jill the Armadillo – Hatter's emotional support animal

Norma-Jeane – The Doctor's Assistant, another of Jill's protectors

Copper – a 13-year-old who may be Tin's son and was ordered to enter the portal with Tin

The Colonel – a commander in the free lands

The Robots – Named Mogbot, Chomper and Clank. They are determined to steal Jill the Armadillo

More about the characters can be found here.

Chapter 2 opens May 1 and will take submissions through July 1. Chapter 3 runs from Aug. 1- Oct 1 and Chapter 4 from Nov. 1- Jan. 1, 2019.

What will chapter 2 hold? Will Tin and Copper make it through the portal? Why are Hatter and Jill in the free lands? Will the robots steal the armadillo? Is Jill the key to it all?

Find out in the Story of Rendo thread in the Renderosity Forums.

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