Rebelle 3 is Coming!

Apr 15, 2018 at 09:15 am by nickcharles

Escape Motions, creators of the unique digital art software: Flame Painter, Amberlight and Inspirit, recently announced the forthcoming Rebelle 3. Known for its realistic-looking digital watercolor and acrylic painting, Rebelle 3 promises to be ever closer to that of traditional painting.

The development team put a lot of time into studying real watercolors, brushes and papers to bring the behaviors of these combined into the new version. With new presets coming, you'll have the chance to work with digital papers that closely match the traditional.

A code rewrite brings new features to fully control and customize watercolor behaviors and canvas settings. And a new "DropEngine" promises to bring more realism to paint drips.

Using previous versions of Rebelle, I was always fascinated with the tools that affect the paint on the canvas, like the blend, smudge, water tool and blow tool. And Rebelle 3 is said to now add direction to the blow tool, providing more realism and more creative possibilities.

Rebelle 3 is close to release, though no official date has been mentioned yet. Escape Motions states they will be announcing even more new features shortly. The current price of Rebelle 2 is $89.99 (USD), with an upgrade price of $39.99. Users who purchased Rebelle 2 after March 1st this year will get a free upgrade to version 3 on its release.

Be sure to check out Escape Motions' website for more info on Rebelle and their other fantastic digital art software.

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