Kiona portait by bu_es

Apr 04, 2018 at 12:35 pm by -gToon

Kiona portrait by bu_es

bu_es is a long time Renderosity artist from Spain. He specializes in portraits of all kinds of women. What is particularly impressive, aside from the obvious skills he has with 3D, is the fact that he depicts a much wider range of female types than other Renderosity artists. I was taken by his portraits of African-American women and the Kiona portrait is my favorite. 

Kiona portrait is so alive. The posed position is that of a model or movie star. I love his choices for the character: hooped ear-rings, silk evening dress, small tattoo. All of these come together to depict a strong and beautiful woman. Bu_es skin tone is perfect, too. And, like the best of artists, bu_es makes you wonder about the character he is depicting: who is she? what is her story? I love that about bu_es work. 

Please visit bu_es Renderosity gallery for many more excellent portraits. 

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